Despite learning Chinese language is difficult for many elsewhere in the world, but learning the hard and not still alphabetized Asian language is becoming more common among Afghan youths recently.尽管在世界其他地方学习汉语是困难的,但是最近在阿富汗青年中学习拼写而不是按字母顺序排列的亚洲语言变得越来越普遍。Unlike other languages, while learning Chinese, the learner needs to draw characters, rather than to write alphabets, as an Afghan female teacher, Farzana Khashie said that despite being a little hard to learn, she found Chinese language too sweet to speak and now too easy to teach.与其他语言不同的是,学习汉语的学生需要画字符,而不是写字母,作为一名阿富汗女教师,法莎娜·卡希说,尽管有点难学,但她发现中文太甜了,容易教。Farzana Khashie who is teaching Chinese language at the Avicenna private University and feels proud of teaching the language, in an interview with Xinhua recently, narrated how she could learn the bewilderingly complex language well and how she can easily teach it now.在阿维森纳民办大学教汉语的法莎娜(Farzana Khashie)最近在接受新华社记者采访时谈到,她如何能够很好地学习复杂的语言,以及如何轻松地教授这门语言。"I have found that Chinese language is a very interesting language," she whispered and said. "After I started learning it at the university, I was not interested in but gradually it became my daily habit to learn Chinese even at the cost of my eye-surgery".“我发现中文是一种非常有趣的语言,”她低声说。“在大学开始学习之后,我并不感兴趣,但逐渐成为我学习中文的日常习惯,甚至以我的眼睛手术为代价。Recalling her hard study, she said that one of her eyes even got problem due to hard study of the language and she had to have eye surgery.回想起她的刻苦学习,她说她的一只眼睛因为对语言的刻苦学习而产生了问题,她不得不进行眼部手术。The unexpected blow took Farzana at least one month to decide whether she should attend Chinese Language Department, but, she eventually decided to carry on.这个意外的打击让法莎娜至少花了一个月的时间来决定她是否应该去中国语言部门,但是,她最终决定继续下去。Farzana was proud of not only being a Chinese language educated girl, but also a teacher at the university.法莎娜不仅为自己是一名受过中国语言教育的女孩,而且为大学的一名教师感到骄傲。Three of her students have succeeded in gaining scholarship eligibility, after successfully passing an exam held at the Kabul University.她的三个学生成功地通过了在喀布尔大学举行的考试,获得了奖学金资格。"I am proud of being a Chinese language teacher, as three of my students -- one in economics and the other two in Chinese language, managed to gain scholarship eligibility provided by Confucius Institute."“作为一名中文老师,我感到自豪,因为我的三个学生(一个是经济学的,另外两个是中文的)获得孔子学院提供的奖学金资格。Farzana has not still visited China, but she is glad to see in her own country that learning Chinese has become pervasive as the two countries' relations are getting closer.法莎娜没有访问过中国,但她很高兴在自己的国家看到,随着两国关系的日益密切,学习中文已经变得无处不在。"Globalization of China's economy, is not only what the Chinese people hoped for, but it has also turned into a worldwide undeniable fact," Farzana said. She also believes that the Chinese language would become more popular to learn in the near future in her country and in the world at large.法莎娜说:“中国经济的全球化,不仅是中国人所希望的,而且已经成为一个全球性的不可否认的事实。”她还相信,在不久的将来,汉语将会在她的国家和世界上更受欢迎。"As I know, the 21 century is the era of China and China will become the world's top economic power, so learning Chinese language is very important nowadays," she said.她说:“我知道,21世纪是中国的时代,中国将成为世界上最大的经济强国,所以现在学习汉语是非常重要的。”By the rapid expansion of business and cultural relations between Afghanistan and China, many Afghan youths believe that learning Chinese language is very important.由于阿富汗和中国之间商业和文化关系的迅速发展,许多阿富汗青年认为学习中文是非常重要的。Unlike Farzana who believed the language is, however, a little difficult to learn, Mohammad Reza, a student of the Chinese Language Department at Kabul University, told Xinhua that it was too easy to learn the language.不过,与相信这种语言的法莎娜不同,喀布尔大学中文系的学生Mohammad Reza对新华社说,学习语言太容易了。"I think that Chinese language is too sweet to speak and too easy to learn and I am really interested in learning it," said Reza.“我认为中文讲话太好听,太容易学,我真的很有兴趣学习,”雷扎说。The young man who has now spent seven months at the university to learn Chinese, believes he could advance with his higher education in China and can resolve his economic problems as well as serve his country through learning the language.现在在大学度过七个月的年轻人学习汉语,相信他可以在中国接受高等教育,通过学习语言来解决经济问题,为国服务。China is currently, training about 1,000 professionals and provides 150 scholarships for Afghanistan annually, with the aim of strengthening mutual understanding and trust between the two nations.中国目前每年培训约一千名专业人员,为阿富汗提供一百五十个奖学金,目的是增进两国之间的相互了解和信任本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。