In China, teachers are held in high esteem. September 10th is the Teachers’Day of China. This day is in honor of all those involved in the teaching profession. Today, Teachers' Day not only commemorates China's foremost teacher in history but also honors all teachers for their hard work during the year. a21b8c8bacb41b3.jpg孔子 在中国,教师受到很高的尊重。每年的9月10日是中国的教师节。这一天是为了纪念所有从事教师工作的人。现在,中国的教师节不仅仅是纪念中国古代的教师,同时也是对现在教师辛勤工作的一种尊重。 教师节历史 The history of Teachers' Day In the history of Chinese education, Confucius is a paragon of all teachers, symbolizing the philosophy of “Educate all without discrimination, and teach according to the abilities of ones students.” Using the six arts of rites, music, archery, chariot driving, learning (including reading and writing), and mathematics, Confucius had more than three thousand disciples during his lifetime. In practice of his credo, the Sage never refused a student because of his class or character, requiring only that  his pupils possess a sincere desire to learn. 孔子 在中国的教育史中,孔子是所有教师的典范,以及他的 “有教无类”的哲学思想。孔子把古代的知识分为六艺,分别为礼、乐、射、御、书、数。在孔子的一生中,有三千多学生。在孔子的教学实践中,他从来没有因为学生的社会阶层或性格而拒绝过任何一个学生,他对学生的要求是只要有一颗虔诚学习的心就可以。 During the crisis of the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucius sought to end the chaos of the times. Believing this disorder to be a reflection of declining morals in society, he exhaustively toured the various warring Chinese states to advise rulers and officials on the merits of ethical rule. In his later years, Confucius reorganized the ancient texts, thus laying a solid foundation for China's enduring civilization. 教师节.jpg 在春秋战国的动乱年代,孔子试图结束时代的战乱。他认为这种社会的无序现象是社会道德滑坡的反映,他周游各个战乱国推广他的伦理道德。在他最后的几年中,孔子开始重新编纂远古的文献,这为经久不衰的中华文明奠定了坚实的基础。 In 1939 the Ministry of Education pronounced that Confucius' birthday would be celebrated on August 28, and designated it as Teachers' Day as well as a national holiday to remember Confucius' enormous contribution to Chinese culture and society. The date was changed to September 28 in 1952 in accordance with chronologists' new findings. In the year 1984, Wang Zishen, former president of Beijing Normal University, suggested to establish a festival day for the Chinese teachers. On Jan. 21st, 1985, September 10th was fixed as the Teachers’Day of China. 20140904154930_5937.jpg 1939年,教育部宣布,8月28号是孔子的生日,并把这天当做教师节作为一个全国性的节日,来纪念孔子对中华文明和社会做出的巨大贡献。根据性的考古发现,1952年,教师节改到9月28号。在1984年,王梓坤教授,北京师范大学前校长,建议要建立中国的教师节。在1985年的1月,第六届全国人大常委会第九次会议确定,每年9月10日为中国的教师节。 世界各地教师节 Teachers Day is, interestingly, not observed on the same day all over the world. It is perhaps one of those few days which has a separate international day whose importance is superseded by the nationally observed day. Taking a look at Teachers Day as it is celebrated across the world, in some countries it is marked by a holiday, in others it is a working day. 20140904154948_9218.jpg 非常有意思,在世界范围内,教师节并不是同一天。它是广受国际重视的日子,跟其他的国际节日一样,只不过是在不同的日子里来纪念罢了。在世界范围内来审视教师节,一些国家把它作为一个节日,而另一些国家就是一个普通的工作日。 International Teachers Day as observed by UNESCO is October 5. Being held ever since 1994, it commemorates teachers' organisations worldwide. Its aim is to mobilise support for teachers and to ensure that the needs of future generations will continue to be met by teachers. 世界教科文组织以10月5日为国际教师节。自1994年以来,都用于纪念世界范围内的教师组织。目的是为教师们争取支持,并确保未来孩子的需要能得到满足。 India- Teachers Day is celebrated on September 5 in honour of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second president of India, whose birthday falls that day. 20140904155042_2656.jpg 印度――教师节是每年的9月5日,来纪念印度的第二任主席拉达克里希博士的出生。 Russia- In Russia, Teachers’ Day was celebrated on the first Sunday of October, between 1965 and 1994. Since 1994, the day is observed on the October 5, coinciding with World Teachers Day. 20140904155103_1406.jpg 俄罗斯――在俄罗斯,教师节在1965到1994年间被定为十月的第一个周日。1994年后,俄罗斯的教师节就改为与世界教师节同步,即10月5日。 The US- In the US, Teachers Day is a non-official holiday. It is observed on the Tuesday of the first full week of May. The day is celebrated with pomp and gaiety. A number of activities are organised in schools to honour teachers. The celebrations can continue for the entire week of May. 20140904155137_5625.jpg 美国――在美国,教师节被定位五月的第一个完整工作周的周二,为非官方假期。节日通常是在一片欢乐的盛况中度过。很多的协会组织在学校对老师进行表彰,这一盛况甚至持续一整周。 Thailand- In Thailand, National Teachers Day is celebrated every year on January 16. The day was adopted as Teachers Day in the island nation by a resolution of the government on November 21, 1956. The first Teachers Day was held in 1957. The day is declared as a holiday in schools. 20140904155148_9687.jpg 泰国――泰国的国家教师节被定在每年的2月16日,这是由一项在1956年11月21日通过的政府决议规定的。1957年泰国人庆祝了第一个教师节。在泰国,教师节作为学校的节日来庆祝。 Iran- In Iran, Teachers Day is celebrated on May 2. It commemorates the assassination of Iranian professor Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari. The renowned writer, a timeless teacher, was executed on May 2, 1980. On the day, students offer flowers to teachers to honour the sacred profession. 20140904155211_8437.jpg 伊朗――在伊朗,教师节是5月2日。它是为了纪念刺杀伊朗教授阿亚图拉莫尔塔扎。一个永恒的老师和著名作家,1980年5月2日被处决。当天,学生向教师敬献鲜花,以赞扬教师们这项神圣的职业。 Turkey- In Turkey, Teachers Day is celebrated on November 24. Turkey's first president Kemal Ataturk dedicated November 24 to honour teachers and their profession. There is no holiday on this day. 20140904155234_0937.jpg 土耳其――在土耳其,教师节是11月24日。土耳其第一任总统凯末尔专用11月24日来表彰教师和他们的职业。这一天也是不放假的。 Malaysia- May 16 is dedicated to teachers in Malaysia. The day is celebrated as Teachers Day in the country with great enthusiasm. The day is called 'Hari Guru' in Malaysia and is a working day. 20140904155250_5781.jpg 马来西亚――5月16日是马来西亚的教师。教师节这一天,全国上下都以极大的热情来庆祝。在马来西亚,这一天被称为“哈日宗师”,同时这也是马来西亚的一个正常工作日。 下一页:教师节祝福大全