1.pngThere will never be anyone else like you in the future of the universe. That’s why being yourself is more important than anything else.宇宙中再不会有一个人和你一样。这就是为什么做自己比什么都重要。That’s how life works: two steps forward, followed by one-and-a-half back as those who lost their power try to reverse the process.生活就是这样:向前迈两步,接着后退一步半,而失去权势的人努力想要逆转这个顺序。Those who benefit most from the status quo are naturally the least interested in change, and they find allies in the fearful and the authoritarian. Conformity always includes a threat of punishment if you fail to fit in, whether it comes from ridicule, being shunned by others, or direct attack.从现状得益最多的人自然是最不希望改变的,他们与畏首畏尾者还有权威主义者结成联盟。如果你不能适应随大流,遵从一致往往有遭惩罚的风险,或是受人奚落,或是别人避之不及,甚至是受到直接攻击。There’s a more fundamental power behind the urgency with which authoritarian conservatives seek to suppress individuality. That power is lack of trust. Wise leaders and outstanding thinkers are alike in two things: they’re usually non-conformists —and they display a deep trust in the basic goodness, intelligence, and capacity for development of their fellow human beings.权威主义派的保守者急不可耐要压抑个性有其更为根本的原因,那就是缺乏信任。明智的领导和杰出的思想家有两点是相似的:他们不随大流,他们对他人的本善、才智和能力发展表现出高度信任。In stark contrast, the most determined proponents of conformity have always been dictatorships. Under a dictatorship, any kind of variation from prescribed ways of thinking or acting is punished. Conservative thinkers often suggest too much freedom will lead to anarchy and the collapse of all standards.与之对照鲜明的是,顺从最为顽固的要素在于独裁专制。在独裁控制下,凡有悖既定思维和有违既定行为者都会受到惩处。保守派思想常告诫,过度自由会引发混沌无序、会破坏标准。Being who and what you are is the most natural thing there is. There may be a cost. Some people, even some friends, will disapprove of you as you truly are and will let you know it. There will be setbacks along the way. Yet the price for being yourself can never be as great as the price you will pay for stepping aside from your basic nature: a price paid in frustration, dissatisfaction, and the hopeless realization of all that you might have been, but now can never attain.做自己是最自然的事情。也许会有代价,一些人,有些甚至是朋友,会不认可真实的你,并且告诉你,一路都会有挫折。但做自己的代价永远不会像违背你的本心代价那么大,背离自我的代价是挫败感、不满不悦、曾经可以企及的目标和愿望,如今却无望实现。Take up the challenge. Conformity has very little to recommend it. Trust yourself and trust others. Mediocrity and inner frustration are the true price of conforming. Only those with the courage openly to live their dreams can ever hope to find lasting satisfaction with their lives.接受挑战吧。循规蹈矩没什么可以褒奖的。相信自己,相信他人。平庸无才和内心挫折才是默守陈规真正的代价。只有敢于实现梦想、心怀勇气的人才能在生命中获得源源不断的满足感。