1.pngI’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,I used to get up 12 o’clock in the afternoon and now 7 o’clock in the morning. I used to go to bed in the midnight and now 11 o’clock in the night.每天起床的时间从中午12点变成了早上7点,睡觉的时间从凌晨变成了晚上11点。I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,At work, I begin to contact different people.工作中开始接触形形色色的人,I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,When you meet relatives and friends, they no longer ask you what scores you get in the school. Instead, they ask you how much money you make every month, and whether you are married or not.见到亲戚朋友,他们不再问你考试考了几分,更多的是问现在一个月工资是多少,结婚没有哇...I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,Our chatting topics changed from online games to cars, houses.聊天的话题从各种网络游戏变成汽车,房子…When having dinner, we always talk about when is he or she getting married.吃饭的时候,讨论的往往是他准备结婚,她哪年结婚了…I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,I no longer complain about the numerous homework which can never be done. I begin to worry about the increasing gas price, house price, as well as the ups and downs of the stock market.每天不再感叹学校作业有多少作业做不完,开始感叹油价,房价涨得有多快,股票是涨还是跌…I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,I no longer splash my money. Instead, I start to manage my account at the end of each month. Making note of how much have I spent and how much is left after paying my credit card. It’s time to save some money for the house.不再乱买东西,月底开始算计,这个月还了信用卡,开销多少,还剩下多少,该开始攒钱买房子了…I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,I’m getting tired of hanging around bars and KTVs. Being close to nature and a healthy living style is my favorite now.渐渐的讨厌酒吧、KTV,喜欢亲近自然,喜欢健康的生活方式…I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,Sometimes, I feel lonely, and sometimes, I miss someone.偶尔会有寂寞,偶尔会怀念一个人;I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,We start chasing our dreams. We hide our tears and we don’t give up for that little setback.我们开始追逐梦想,不会再轻易流泪,不会再为了一点挫折而放弃…I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,We are no longer as wild as when we were young. We treat all the adversities as part of our life and we try to tolerate and to embrace this life.没有了年少的轻狂,把遇到的挫折困难都当作一种人生的阅历,试着去包容试着去忍耐…I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,We always reminisce, realizing so many mistakes we’ve made and so many detours we’ve taken. We always regret, but there is no turning back, back to the age of innocence we once lived in.回想起曾经,我们做了太多的错事,走了太多的弯路 ,我们总在后悔,可是我们回不去了,回不去那个曾经纯真的年代了。Whenever we are overwhelmed by some invisible pressure from society, we crave for the love we once had, we crave for the person that we once eat dinner and watch movies together after work, we all need someone to share things with in our life.当我们被社会上无形的压力压得喘不过气的时候,我们渴望曾经的那份爱,渴望每天下班能有一个人一起吃饭,一起看电影,我们需要有一个人,来为我们分担一些东西。We are on a great journey. We need someone to be there for us when we are tired and want to give up. Whenever we realize that there is someone we miss so much deep inside, take a deep breath and carry on for I believe there is always a shelter for my soul.我们在一条伟大的航路上,我们需要有人为我们鼓劲,也许我们偶尔累倒想放弃,可是当我们想到身边还有个让我们挂念的一个人,深吸一口气,继续向前走,我相信,总有一个能够停靠的彼岸。I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,When we are alone, we don’t go to cybercafé, instead, we login in mobile QQ in stealth mode. When we see some friend online, we put ourselves in a dilemma, struggling about whether we should make a conversation or not.孤单时我们没有去网吧,我们用手机隐身上QQ,看看谁在线呢,看见熟悉的人,想说点什么,究竟又什么也没说,就这样纠结着…We refresh our Qzone page again and again to see who just updated their status and journals, who replied with emoji instead of sentences.我们把空间刷新了一遍又一遍,看看谁更新了心情,谁更新了日志,回复了符号,却没有回复句子…I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,We no longer complain when we get upset. Instead, being still, we watch and listen, this realistic yet hypocritical world.烦恼的时候不再发牢骚,我们静静的,静静的看着、听着,这很现实又很虚伪的世界…I’m in my late twenties.我今年二十七八岁,Actually crying on the inside, but still smiling on the outside.明明很想哭,却还在笑;Actually caring a lot, but still acting like you never bother to ask.明明很在乎,却装作无所谓;Actually wanting to stay, but still insisting to leave without hesitation.明明很想留下,却坚定地说要离开;Actually being in great pain, but still claiming that you are happy.明明很痛苦,却偏偏说自己很幸福;Actually never will you forget, but still claiming that you have forgotten.明明忘不掉,却说已经忘了;Actually never can you let it go, but still claiming that she is out of your life.明明放不下,却说她是她,我是我;Actually never can you let go of her, but still claiming that you had enough with her.明明舍不得,却说我已经受够了;Actually the words of your mouth are against your heart, but still claiming that you are being honest.明明说的是违心的假话,却说那是自己的真心话;Actually almost bursting into tears, but still holding your head high.明明眼泪都快溢出眼眶,却高昂着头;Actually it’s all water under the bridge, but still sticking to your own path.明明已经无法挽回,却依旧执着;Actually being badly hurt in this relationship, but still claiming that she does not owe you.明明知道自己很受伤,却说你不必觉得欠我的;Actually getting worn out by this disguise, but still bearing all the burdens as usual.明明这样伪装得很累,却还得依旧…Everything I do is to hide my vulnerable self. In spite of my sadness, I will pretend and lie to myself as if that doesn’t matter.为得只是隐藏自己的脆弱,即使很难过,也会装的无所谓…I am just unwilling to expose my wounds to others, to have others worry about and feel sorry for me.只是不愿别人看见自己的伤口,不让自己周围的人担心,不想别人同情自己…I wanna bury all the burdens in the bottom of my heart. Regardless of the ache that breaks my heart, I will tell everyone with a smile that “I’m fine”. However, once I calm down, I would laugh at myself, wondering why am I pretending so hard to be strong as if I could absorb all the sufferings?只想在心底独自承受,虽然心疼的难以呼吸,却笑着告诉所有人“我没事的!”然后静下来时,自己便笑话自己,何必把自己伪装得这么坚强?好像自己可以承受所有的苦难…Sign... I am so tired…so tired…呵…这好累,好累!!!