1.pngI love the world of it’s tenderness我喜欢这个世界是柔软的The snow will not squeeze another一场雪不会压伤另一场雪The first snowflake at the bottom is still pure as original最早最深层的那些雪花也还是乍开放的完整、清洁I love the world of it’s tenderness我喜欢这个世界是柔软的One man will not hurt another一个人不会伤害另一个人Under the oldest face full of wrinkles最旧最皱的一张脸下面There is still sincerity like leafbud也还是叶芽一样的善良 天真I love the world of it’s tenderness我喜欢这个世界是柔软的Smile flows like the wind微笑风般自由流溢Tears never break down眼泪从来不会跌碎Pain is complete and godliness is pure圆满的疼痛 清澈的虔诚I love the world of it’s tenderness我喜欢这个世界是柔软的So I can hold flowers in my arms好让我抱着满怀的花朵Walking through tough life and long street without light走过漫生的荆棘、没有灯火的长街Awakened at winter night one after another走过一个一个惊醒的冬夜Cold wind is cold西风不和西风比凉Chill snow is chill冬雪不和冬雪比寒Knife is sharp,and sword is sharp刀不和剑比锋芒Yesterday’s sadness belongs to yesterday今天不和昨天比忧伤I love the world of it’s tenderness我喜欢这个世界是柔软的We bloom and fade. We bless and travel.在这柔软里,开放、凋萎、祝福、远行We meet and separate. We look back and look forward在这柔软里,相遇、分离、回忆、期许long life or not漫长的一生和一生It’s only about blossom season也只是温存的花事This winter is still cold. Wish your life is a little soft. Wish the world is full of tenderness这个冬天,还是寒冷,唯愿柔软几许,愿世界温柔待你。