Key Sentences(重点句子)
1.Hello,is this 4474716?
喂,是4474716号吗?2.I'd like to speak to Mr.Wang.我想和王先生讲话。3.I'm sorry.Mr.Wang is out right now.对不起,王先生现在不在。4.May I know when he'll be back?您能告诉我他什么时候回来吗?5.This is his wife speaking.我是他的妻子。6.Can I take a message for him?要我转告吗?7.May I have your name,please?请问您是谁?8.Is he available?他能接电话吗?9.I'll just find out for you.我给您看看他在不在?10.Hello,are you still there?喂,您没挂断吧?11.Who is that speaking?请问您是谁?12.I'm so sorry that I made such an early phone call.对不起我这么早打电话。13.Who do you wish to talk to?您要找谁呀?14.Is Sue James in?休·詹姆斯在吗?15.Hello!Is Sue there?喂!是休吗?16.Yes,speaking.是的,我就是。 Dialogue A A:Hello? this 4474716?I'd like to speak to Mr.Wang,please?A:I'm sorry.Mr.Wang is out right now.B:May I know when he'll be back?A:I don't know,but he will certainly be back for lunch.This is his wife speaking.Can I take a message for him?B:Thank you,Mrs.Wang.Please tell him to be at the airport one hour before tomorrow afternoon.A:Very good.I'll let him know as soon as he comes back.But,may I have your name,please?B:This is Lin Ming.Thank you.Bye.A:Good-bye. Dialogue B A:Good morning.B:Good morning.This is Li Gang here I'm calling from New York in America.A:How can I help you?B:I'm trying to get hold of Mr.Chen.Is he available?A:I'll just find out for you,sir… Hello,are you still there? Unfortunately,Mr.Chen is not available at the moment.Wouldyou like me to put you through to Mr.Li?B:Yes,please.That's very kind of you.A:You're welcome. Dialogue C (A:Jane B:Mary C:Sue)A:Hello!B:Hello! Good morning.Who is that speaking?A:It's Jane.I'm so sorry that I made such an early phone call.B:It's nothing.Who do you wish to talk to?A:Is Sue James in?B:Sue!Jane wants you on the phone.A:Hello!Is Sue there?C:Yes,speaking.A:Oh,sorry,I'm afraid I won't attend the meeting this morning.Last night I had a sore throat and I started getting bot.C:Do you have a temperature?Have you taken it?A:No,haven't yet.C:Don't worry about the meeting.You'd better go to see a doctor.I wish you will soon be well.A:Thank you,Sue.Bye.B:Bye. Words and Expressions available  a.可得到的,可达到的airport  n.机场,航空站New York  n.纽约unfortunately  ad.不幸地,遗憾地welcome  a.受欢迎的attend  vt.出席,参加sore  a.痛的,疼痛发炎的throat  n.咽喉,喉咙America  n.美国see a doctor 看医生,就诊put through (电话用语)把……接通