Key Sentences(重点句子)
17.Beijing Trading Campany.May I help you?
北京贸易公司。请问有何贵干?18.We have two Zhongs.我们这里有两位先生姓钟。19.Is that Bob Zhong,or John Zhong?你要接Bob钟,还是John钟?20.I'm sorry,he's not in the office now.很抱歉,他现在不在办公室。21.Do you have any idea when he'll be back?你知道他何时回来吗?22.I have no idea(when he'll be back.)我不知道(他何时回来)。23.Can you ask him to call me when he comes back?他回来时请告诉他打电话给我好吗?24.It's urgent.有急事。25.I'm sorry but he's in Shanghai on business.很抱歉,他出差去上海了。26.Probably sometime tomorrow.可能明天(回来)。27.Is there anyone else who can help me?有没有其他的人能帮我?28.OK.I'll just put you through.好的,我这就给您转接。29.Just a moment,please…请稍候。30.You're welcome.别客气。31.Is Mary there?玛丽在吗?32.Mary is out right now.玛丽现在不在。33.Why don't you call back later this afternoon?您不妨今天下午再打来。34.When will she be back?她何时会回来?35.Will it be too late if I call around 10∶00 this evening?如果我在晚上10点左右打来会不会太晚? Dialogue A (A:Receiver B:Smith)A:Good morning.Beijing Trading Company.May I help you?B:Good morning.This is Mr.Smith of King Electronics Compa-ny.I'd like to speak to Mr.Zhong,please.A:We have two Zhongs here.Is that Bob Zhong,or John Zhong?B:Bob.A:Mr.Bob Zhong in the Overseas Sales Division?B:Right.A:I'm sorry,he's not in the office now.B:Do you have any idea when he'll be back?A:I'm sorry,I have no idea.B:Can you ask him to call me when he cames back?It's urgent.A:Yes,I will,Mr.Smith.B:Thank you.A:You're welcome. Dialogue B (A:Receiver B:George Richter C:White)A:Hello.ABC Gompany.May I help you?B:Hello.This is George Richter.May I speak to Mr.Davis?A:I'm sorry but he's in Shanghai on business.B:Do you have any idea when he'll be back?A:Probably sometime tomorrow.B:I have a question abut the E-4800 computer.Is there any oneelse who can help me?A:Of course.Miss White is the export manager.Would you like tospeak to her?B:Yes,please.A:OK.I'll just put you through.B:Hello.This is White speaking.Can I help you?A:Hello.This is George Richter of Beijing Trading Company.Is itpossible to make a change in our order?The order number is1518.C:And what kind of change did you want to make,sir?B:Well,we ordered twenty E-4800s,but we want to change themto P-6800s.L:Just a moment,please…Oh,I'm sorry,but they have alreadybeen sent. Dialogue C (A:Mary's father B:Jane)A:Hello.B:Hi.This is Jane.Is Mary there?A:I'm sorry.Mary is out right now.She went shopping with her Mom.B:When will she be back?A:I'm not sure.Why don't you call back later this afternoon?B:Will it be too late if I call around 10∶00 this evening?A:That's all right.We don't go to bed early.B:Thank you.Bye!A:Good-bye. Words and Expressions trade  vi.做生意;交易company;商号electronics  n.电子学oversea(s)  a.海外的sale  n.出售,出卖division  n.分,分割,分裂urgent  a.紧迫的,催促的business  n.商业;营业;商店probably  ad.很可能;或许,大概export / vt.输出,把……出口order  n.等级,序次,秩序send  vt.送,寄around prep.在……周围,环绕