Key Sentences(重点句子)
36.Yes.You have the right number.是的,您打对了。37.Please connect me with Mr.Lee.请帮我接李先生。38.Who is calling,please?请问您是哪一位?39.Are you still on the line?你没挂断吧?40.I'm sorry,but he has a visitor right now.对不起,他现在有客人。41.Could you hold a little longer?请再多等一会儿。42.Or shall I put you through to his secretary?或者我给您接到他的秘书那儿,好吗?43.Shall I tell him you called?我告诉他您来过电话,好吗?44.Well,actually,I'd rather call back later.我还是迟些再打来吧。45.When is a good time to call?什么时候打来最合适?46.Why don't you try agian in an hour?一个小时后您再打过来,好吗?47.Good afternoon.David Brown's office.下午好。这里是大卫·布朗办公室。48.This is Prof.Davis from the University of Washington.我是华盛顿大学的戴维斯教授。49.Would you mind waiting a few minutes?您等一会儿好吗?50.I'll just trying to find him.我正试着找他呢。51.Yes.Go ahead,please.是的,请讲。52.I'm sorry,but he is in a meeting now.很抱歉,他正在开会。53.The best time to catch him would be 5∶30.最容易找到他的时间是5∶30。54.Could you possibly ask him to call me back?你可以叫他给我回个电话吗?55.Of course.What number are you on?好的。您的号码是多少?56.He has my number but I'll give it to you just in case.他有我的号码,但我还是给你吧,以防万一。57.There is a call from Wang Ling.有王玲打来的电话。58.She is on her way.她马上来。59.I'll hold.我等一下好了。60.It's been a while.好久不见了。61.It's nice to hear from you.很高兴你打来电话。 Dialogue A (A:Dave Kennedy B:Receiver)A:Hello.Is this 985-6634?B:Yes.You have the right numbr.A:Please connect me with Mr.Lee.B:Who is calling,please?A:This is Dave Kennedy.B:One moment,please.(a moment later) Hello,Mr.Kennedy?Are you still on the line?A:Yes。B:I'm sorry,but he has a visitor right now.Could you hold a littlelonger?Or shall I put you through to his secretary?A:No,thanks.B:Shall I tell him you called?A:Oh,no,no.Well,actually,I'd rather call back later.When is agood time to call?B:Why don't you try again in an hour?He will be free then.A:OK.Thanks a lot.Good-bye.B:Good-bye. Dialogue B (A:Receiver B:Prof.Davis)A:Good afternoon.David Brown's office.B:bd afternoon.This is Prof.Davis from the University ofWashington.A:Can I help you?B:I'd like to speak to Mr.Brown.Is he there?A:Would you mind waiting for a few minutes?I'm just trying tofind him.B:Certainly.Thanks.(Pause)A:Hello.Are you there?B:Yes.Go ahead,please.A:I'm sorry,but he is in a meeting now.The best time to catchhim would be 5∶30.B:Gould you possibly ask him to call me back?It's rather urgent.A:Of course.What number are you on?B:He ha my number bur I'll give it to you just in case.It's2235-7561.A:OK.Mr.Davis.I'll have Mr.Brown get in touch with you assoon as the meeting is over.B:Thank you.It's very kind of you.A:You're welcome.Good-bye. Dialogue C (A:Wang Ling B:Fang Fang's father C:Fang Fang) A:Hello.This is wang Ling.May I speak to Fang Fang?B:I'll put you through.Hold on,please,(Voice:Fang Fang,there's a call from Wang Ling!)Hello?Are you there?She ison her way.A:I'll hold,thank you.C:Hi.Wang Ling.This is Fang Fang speaking.Oh,It's been awhile.It's nice to hear from you.How have you been?A:Fine,thank you.And you?C:Quite well.Last month,I had a very nice holiday.A:Where did you go?C:To Beijing.And I travelled around.A:Very good.Oh,by the way,I'm having a party at my house onFriday.Can you come?C:Sure.Thank you. Words and Expressions number  n.数,数字,号码connect  vt./vi.连接;联系line  n.线,线条,界线visitor  n.访问者;参观者;游客secretary  n.秘书actually   ad.实际上rather   ad.相当;宁可university   n.(综合性)大学Washington   n.华盛顿certainly  ad.一定,必定possibly  ad.可能的;也许,或者travel  vi./vt.旅行,行进;移动n.旅行get in touch with 与……保持联系as soon as 一……就on one's way 在去……的路上hear from 收到……的来信by the way 随便说;在途中,在路上