Key Sentences(重点句子) 134.How may I direct you call?您要哪里?135.Could I have extension 239,please?请转接分机239。136.I'm sorry the number's engaged.对不起,这个电话有人在打。137.The line is free now.I'll put you through.不占线了,我帮您接过去。138.Whom am I speaking to,please?请问是哪位?139.Do you mind if I use your phone?我可以用一下你的电话吗?140.I wonder if I could make a long distance call?我能打个长途吗?141.I'd like the extension 4130,please.请转4130分机。142.The number is busy now.电话占线。143.Well,it's ringing,go ahead,please.好了,通了,请讲话。144.And it took me quite a long time getting to you.好不容易才给你打通。145.I've been busy on the phone.我一直在通话。 Dialogue A (A:Operator B:Mary C:Jim)A:Hello.Dodge Automobiles.How may I driect you call?B:Could I have extension 239,please?A:I'm sorry the number's engaged.Would you care to wait,please?B:Sure.(A few minutes later.)A:The line is free now.I'll put you through.C:Hello.This is Jim.Whom am I speaking to,please?B:It's Mary.C:Oh,Mary.B:Where were you last night,Jim?I waited for you for almost anhour.C:Oh!I'm sorry.I completely forgot.B:You forgot!What did you do last night?C:I stayed in…I was studying.B:No,you weren't.I saw you at a quarter past seven and youwere with another girl.C:I'm sorry,Mary.I'll explain everything.It won't happen a-gain.B:It certainly won't.I'm never going to see you again(Maryhangs up the receiver). Dialogue B (A:Susan B:John C:Operator D:Mike)A:Do you mind if I use your phone?B:No,not at all.Go ahead.It's over there in the corner.A:I wonder if I could make a long distance call?B:Of course.(Pause)A:Hello.I'd like the extension 4130,please.C:Sorry.the number is busy now.Will you please hold the line?A:No,I'll try agian later.(A few minutes later)A:Hello,operator.Extension 4130.Would you put me through a-gain,please?C:OK,the line is free.Just a moment.(Pause)Well,it's ringing,go ahead,please.A:Hello,Mike?It's Susan speaking.The line was very busy,andit took me quite a long time getting to you.D:Yes.I'm sorry.I've been busy on the phone.How are you,dear?A:Not very well.Something awful happened.We went to the Por-tobello Road and someone stole my handbag.D:Oh,dear,did you lose a lot of money?A:No,only a few pounds,but my passport was in the bag.That'swhat I'm really worried about.D:You must tell your embassy about it and I think they'll issueyou with a new one.A:I'd better go tomorrow.D:They might not be open on Saturday,so you ought to ringthem to check first.A:Yes,I'll do it tomorrow.D:And Susan…A:Yes?D:Don't be too upset…it's not the end of the world.A:OK.I'm getting better,thank you,dear.Good-bye.D:Bye.Susan. Words and Expressions automobile     n.汽车,机动车extension     n.(电话)分机engaged    a.占线的completely    ad.完全;十分;彻底quarter     n.四分之一;一刻钟receiver     v.(电话的)听筒,收话器distance     n.距离,路程ring     v.敲钟,打铃,响,鸣awful    a.糟糕的;极坏的;威严的;可怕的steal     vt.偷;窃取handbag     n.(女用)手提包pound     n.英镑;磅passport     n.护照embassy     n.大使馆issue     n.配给,发给ought     v.应当,应该check     v.核对upset    v.使不安;扰乱a.不安的,难过的