At the beginning of the third article in the "Learn to Participate" series, I stated the following: "The gap between the ability to just explain and the ability to explain well is as wide as the gap between the image of an authoritative, stubborn, aggressive, and inhuman China and that of a progressive, reasonable, normal, and gradually more humane China." Well, that is about speaking in front of others and about thinking on your feet. As I have pointed out in yesterday's article, different writings can have the same kind of drastically different effects. An intelligent person can give others a rather dumb impression with badly written essays while an average student can stand out among her peers with good writings. Again, here is my story: Following Jeff's instructions on my writing, I was addicted to getting help from my American classmates, especially from those who are excellent writers with enormous patience such as Noah, Lisa, and Paul. Sometimes, I spent my whole weekend in their apartment studying and playing with them just so whenever they had time, they could look at my essays. They did exactly what Jeff had done to my writing. I loved the way they taught me as I had never been trained in writing in such a fashion before. And the training was paying off my efforts too. During the semester that I was the only Chinese within my Department without an assistantship (read The American Sensitivity), I had to wait tables on both Saturdays and Sundays in an extremely busy restaurant. So naturally, I could hardly finish the heavy readings required by some of the courses. One course required reading three thick theoretical books in economics, sociology, and political science, and an additional one filled with personal interviews and social investigation. They were so difficult that even Americans were complaining. Meanwhile, the professor was known for his toughness in grading his students. Soon, two of my Chinese classmates dropped out. My situation looked even worse as I could barely finish half of the readings even though I was trying my best. However, for whatever amount of reading I had finished, I was able to write relatively well-organized and convincing papers, which made our professor very happy as he must have had too much headache with essays of most Chinese students. Amazingly, I passed! Later, whenever I wanted to show appreciation to my American classmates who helped me with my writings, I always joked: "I don't think I should thank you guys, but professor H should because you have taken a lot of headache from him by helping me." Some of those who didn't get an "A" joked back saying: "Oh, I wish I were a Chinese student." Interviewing, discussing issues in public, doing presentation, or thinking on your feet require tremendous experience and practice. Before you have many opportunities to do it, writing is probably the best way to build your communication skills. It helps you enormously in school application, visa obtainment, work, personal relationship, and eventually success and happiness. So practice it!


二头肌皮褶的英文:BSF, biceps skinfoldbiceps是什么意思:n. 二头肌Extend your left arm, flex the bicep and hold.伸展你的左臂,收缩你的二头肌,保持这个姿势。Plates should not impinge on the acromion, the biceps tendon, or
二胎的英文:second childsecond baby参考例句:Her second child was a daughter.她二胎生了女孩。second是什么意思:adj. 第二的;第二次的;次要的adv. 以第二位n. 秒;第二名v. 支持,赞同the second in command副司令员 grounded to the second bas
二羧基的的英文:dicarboxylicdicarboxylic是什么意思:[化]二羧基的The condensation was carried out with an excess of glycol or of dicarboxylic acid聚缩反应是在二元醇或是在元羧酸过量下进行的。
二手烟的英文:second-hand smoke passive smoking参考例句:这项运动的目的是要提高对吸二手烟的危害的认识。The campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of passive smoking.参考例句:Second-hand smoke may cause the same