"Here are some lessons that might apply to your on-the-job writing. The first six I reported to you in my 100th column. The last three have occurred to me since then. Writing helps clarify your thinking; You don't really know what you think until you write it Writing on a regular basis makes you a better writer; Like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get Deadlines can be helpful; They can give you the energy and concentration you need to write Length limits are good for your style; Eliminating wordiness improves your emphasis and impact Good writing is edited writing; You never outgrow your need for a good editor Letting your first draft "rest," will help you edit it more effectively; Certain problems become obvious if you allow time to pass between drafting and editing Some stages of writing are inefficient and sloppy; Accepting the imperfection of the first draft is a wonderful freedom Making it fun keeps it fresh; As with most things, a column on business writing doesn't need to be dry and boring Writing counts; Writing is a reflection of your personality and style, a statement of your professional standards. It counts as much as anything else you do


单身歧视的英文:singlism单身歧视就是指给单身的成年人贴上某些负面的标签。这种歧视包括人们惯有的对单身人士的一些负面印象,以及对单身人士的差别待遇。例如,一听到某人单身,人们下意识地就会认为这个人是可怜的、孤独的、不成熟、眼光太高、恐惧承诺等。singlism是什么意思:n. 单身歧视 (= single-ism)单身歧视就是指给单身的成年人贴上某些负
单身户的英文:one person house-holdone是什么意思:num. 一;同一个、最重要的一个det. 代替a或an,表示强调;某位(用于不太熟悉之人的姓名之前)pron. 任何人;一个人;一个事物;其中的一个人One, Taipei, one way.台北单程票一张。This one is not a spoof.这个就不是开玩笑了。One
单身汉的英文:bachelor参考例句:An eligible Bachelor一个合意的单身汉Now days all the married men live like bachelors, and all the bachelors live like married men. ——Oscar Wilde当今之世,所有已婚的男人都过着单身汉一般的生活,
单身的英文:bachelordom参考例句:Stay single保持单身A Bar for singles.单身酒吧Spinster.of or suitable for an unmarried person单身者的适宜于单身者的A confirmed bachelor习惯于单身的人The illegitimate daughter of an eccl