You've just begun your story. You have talked to some people and searched out information on the Web. You are ready to sit down at the keyboard and write. Before you begin at the computer, here are some basic writing tips that will help you tell your story more clearly. 1. Tell your story out loud. Make it fun: tell your story to your mother, friend, a tape recorder, your cat. Explain what happened, who was involved, what they said, how it looked. You can do this as if you were talking about something that happened on the way home from the mall this afternoon. Going through the process like this will help you figure out what story you are going to tell in writing. 2. Get the most out of every word and sentence. Put subjects and verbs up front in your sentences to tell their reader exactly what happened."The bus crashed into the building." Use active voice instead of passive. 3. Use concrete and specific words to get your meaning across. It was a pearl-grey Siamese -- not a cat. It was a crumbling cement building with broken panes of glass where windows used to be


发挥最大的使用效益的英文:yield the greatest returns on investmentyield是什么意思:v. 出产;带来;给予;让出,放弃;屈服;投降n. 产量;收获量;收益The enemy yielded.敌人投降了。yielding material gain or profit.产生物质利益和利润。 To give or yi
发挥长处的英文:to bring sb/sth into playbring是什么意思:v. 带来;使…来到;引起,导致;促使;提出Bring a glass of water for me.给我拿一杯水来。Cheek brings success.厚着脸皮,无往不利。On whose authority be the charge bring根据谁给予的权
发挥学生主动性、创造性的英文:to give scope to the students' initiative and creativenessgive是什么意思:n. 弹性,伸展性v. 给;授予;赠送;捐赠;供给;告诉,提供;产生;让步;塌下;举办;支付Will you give it a shot?你想做尝试吗? He gives twice who
发挥威力的英文:to exploit one's power/mightexploit是什么意思:v. 利用;剥削,榨取;开采n. 英勇的行为exploits famous in legend and song 民间传说和歌谣中为人熟知的英雄事迹He has exploited the cult.他利用了这种狂热崇拜。This is a mercenary