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According to the Governor here's what happened next:Faten decided to use an ancient formula for resolving disputes, known in Arabic as 'Tanebeh'. The idea is that woman in distress can appeal to a powerful tribe. Faten approached a Bedouin tribe in Jericho, who took her in.   They asked her father to promise she would not be harmed. After he gave his word, she was returned home. Within days, she was dead. The governor is greatly troubled by her killing. It was he who looked up from the procession, and saw her face in the window.48 hours later, and a half an hour's drive away, two sisters were killed -- this time in a Moslem home. Police believe this was another so-called 'honour killing'. The victims were a 20-year old called Amani and her older sister Rodina, who was 27. Both were married and both had apparently been strangled. A third sister was attacked but survived, and she's now in hospital.We were turned away from the family home in the east Jerusalem neighbourhood of Jabal Mukkaber. No one there wanted to talk. One local claimed the head of the household had passed away, and the killings resulted from a dispute about inheritance rights. But the women's father is very much alive -- and now in jail, together with their Mother. Their brother, the key suspect in the case, is apparently on the run.As he was taken into custody their father was asked what happened. He replied, calmly, that he came home to find that his son had killed his daughters. 'Why?' he was asked. 'Because they dishonoured the family,' he said. 'A married woman who goes with another man isn't good' he said, but added that he had told his son not to do it.We know nothing of the final days of Amani and Rodina. Did they too know that death was coming ? Did they -- like Faten -- try to find a way out ? There would have been few escape routes available, even if they had gone looking.In recent months there's been an increase in honour killings in the West Bank and Gaza. Women rights activists say they can't explain the upsurge. But there's been an increase in general lawlessness in Palestinian areas. And in male dominated conservative Palestinian society, a man commits an honour killing he may get off scott free.Among the recent victims, 19 year old Yousra: shot dead in Gaza by gunmen from Hamas. Witnesses said they claimed to be from a morality squad. On the day of her death, Yousra shopped for her wedding dress, then sat on the beach with her husband to-be, her sister and her fiancée. What was Yousra's offence against morality? Her family denied she committed any. But on the way home, she was ambushed and killed. In a jail in Nablus I once came face to face with the perpetrator of an honour killing. The local police chief had opened the cells, and summoned all those accused of murder. When they formed a line up -- there was an odd man out. Small, very young looking. I asked what he had done. The police chief told me he was 17, and had turned himself in after killing his sister.Back in Ramallah, Faten lies buried in the Christian cemetery, in a rough grave, without even a headstone. Her father was released from jail for two hours to attend her funeral.参考译文:据地方长官讲,以下就是接下来发生的事情:法特恩决定使用一个古老的方法来解决争端,在阿拉伯这一方法被称为Tanebeh,其大意就是说处于苦难中的妇女可以向一个强势的部族寻求帮助。于是法特恩向耶利哥的一个贝多因部族求助,后者接受了她的请求。他们要求她的父亲承诺不得对她进行伤害。她的父亲做出承诺后,她被送还到家。但几天后,她却死了。地方长官对其被杀事件感到非常困扰,因为那个在队伍中抬头时看见她在窗户中面孔的人正是他。四十八个小时之后,在距离开车半个小时路程的地方,她的两个姐妹也被杀害了,而这次是发生在穆斯林的家中。警方认为这是另一起所谓的“荣誉处决”事件。受害人是二十岁的阿马尼及其27岁的姐姐罗迪纳。两个人均已结婚,且明显都是被人扼死的。而她们第三个受到攻击的姐妹得以幸免,目前住在医院。在靠近东耶路撒冷的Jabal Mukkaber村他们的家中,我们被拒之门外,那里没有人愿意和我们说话。一个当地人称该家的户主已经去世了,杀人事件的起因是关于遗产继承权的争论。但是受害妇女们的父亲却活得很好,现在正被关在监狱里,与之一起的还有她们的母亲。而她们的哥哥,这一案件中的主要嫌疑人明显处于在逃中。她们的父亲被扣押后,当被问及发生了什么事情时,他平静地回答道当他回到家的时候发现了他的儿子已经杀害了他的女儿们。“为什么?”。他说,“因为她们使家庭蒙羞。一个已婚妇女同另一个男人进行交往是不好的”。他还补充说他已经告诉过他儿子不要杀害她们。对于阿马尼和罗迪纳最后的几天我们一无所知。她们也知道死亡就要降临到他们的身上吗?她们也曾像法特恩那样试图找出解决问题的方法吗?但即使她们去寻找方法,也是无路可逃的。在近几个月里,西岸和加沙地带的“荣誉处决”事件所有增加。女权积极分子称她们不能解释这一事件增加的原因。在巴勒斯坦地区总体违法事件有所增加。但是在一个由男性主导的巴勒斯坦保守社会里,执行“荣誉处决”的男人可以逍遥法外。在最近几起事件的受害人中,对于19岁的尤斯拉而言,可能永远得不到公平,她在加沙地带被来自哈马斯的武装人员枪杀。目击者说那些人声称来自一个道德小队。死亡当日,尤斯拉正在购买婚纱,当时她与其准丈夫以及她的妹妹和准妹夫一起坐在沙滩上。尤斯拉到底怎么触犯了道德?她的家人否认她做过任何不道德的事。但她却在回家的路上遭到了伏击,并被枪杀了。在纳布卢斯的一所监狱里,我亲眼见到了一个荣誉处决案件的凶手。当地警察打开了单人牢房,将所有被指控犯有谋杀罪的人都召集起来。当他们排成一列的时候,有个奇怪的人引起了我的注意。他个子矮小,看起来非常年轻。于是我就询问他到底犯了什么罪。警察局长告诉我说他年龄17岁,在杀掉自己的姐姐后到警察局自首。回到拉马拉,法特恩被葬在基督教公墓,她静静地躺在一个粗糙的墓穴里,甚至连一块墓碑都没有。她的父亲从监狱里被释放出来两个小时参加她的葬礼。