2002 年A 类旧题
Version 87
(2002.9.20 澳洲2002.9.21 中国)
Graph about fossil fuels worldwide, coal, oil and natural gas.
Some people said should not encourage sport at school because it will cause competition rather that
To what extend you agree with it?

Version 88
2002.7.24 英国阿伯丁2002.8.3 中国
说政府是否应该限制艺术家门的IDEAS Creative artists always want to express their idea in what they own ways freely, if the government needs no restriction on what they want?

Version 89
2002.7.20 新加坡2002.8.10 中国2002.8.24 新西兰的奥克兰6
一个pie 图2. about 世界能源分类**比solid fuels 44%,nuclear power20%, gas, water, other renewable 另一个柱图3. 不4. 是水平的5. 是由上至下6. about in 1997, European 8 个countries production of nuclear
power. France 第一是78%7. Belgium 第二是608. Finland 最后9. 27%
Traveling abroad to work for period of months or years,or disadvantages to people and country.

Version 90
2002.7.27 英国2002.9.11 新西兰北帕奥克兰MIT(2002.10.7)
写某篇研究报道发现YOUNG WOMEN 的犯罪率在升高,请给出一些POSSIBLE 的理由和解决的办法The rate of young women crimes is rising in the current society. What are the causes and how to solve it?

Version 91
2002.7.27 中国2002.9.4 新西兰的奥克兰
16-17 岁英国儿童在1989-1999 的各种活动比例,有教育,培训等等.不难写.
The proportion of 16 to 17 year old of their everyday activities. There are three main activities, namely
education, work, and training.
1989 1994 1999
Education 46% 64% 66%
Working ... ... ...
Training ... ... ...
No activities 5% 8% 10%
Successful sports professionals earn a great deal much more money than people in other important professions describe two views and your opinion

Version 92
2002.8 月巴基斯坦(2002.10.14)
图表PIE CHART 男女掌握技术的LEVEL 一个是女的一个是男的四个等级
现在越来越多的人讲英语还有许多国际旅游一些人认为这带来了付面的影响给NATIVE 语言和文化AGREE OR DISAGREE the advantage and disadvantage of the Tourism in your country
The spread of English and development of the international tourism have some negative effects to the country’s language and culture development? What extent do you agree or disagree?

Version 93
2002.8.17 马来西亚2002.9.7 中国
In many countries schools have several problems of students behavior, Please give some cause of it and somesuggest.

Version 94
More and more women go out to work. It is responsibility of government to provide staff and facilities for children of working mother, free of charge. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

Version 95
2002.8 月马来西亚
Task 1: This table shows the amount that about populations who live in the largest cities in 1960,1980 and 2000. 8
Task 2: Damage to the environment is an inevitable consequence of the improvement in the Standard of living-ARGUMENT

Version 96
2002.9.14 中国
Task 1:
These tables show the amount that about populations who live in the largest cities in 1960,1980 and 2000.
Task 2:
Television is dangerous because it destroys the family living and community. Some people said that it absorbs peoples’ time too much so that they have no time to talk about each other. In how extent do you agree or disagree, give your opinion.

Version 97
task 1 是两张表English language students in one private sector college and one public sector college 不同地区学生所占的**比
task 2 有些人把动物只当作宠物有些人则当作食物和衣服的资源你觉得呢请从以上两个方面讨论并写出自己的观点

Version 98
2002.7.20 中国2002.9.7 新西兰的奥克兰
Task 1:
一个由4 条curve 组成的graph 比较了19802000 年期间1821 years old 的青年人在娱乐项目上的花费/amount of money spending on leisure 这四个娱乐项目是sports, music(从100 降至25)computer photographs
从0 增至100
Task 2:
Someone say the age of book is past, the info will be presented by some multimedia tools such as video,computer, television and film; others think the book and the written words will be necessary for spread info &complete education. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Version 99
Some people think that machine translation is highly developed in today’s society, therefore it is not necessary for children to learn a foreign language. What’s your opinion?

Version 100
2002.8.17 中国
The chart shows the proportion of the different age group attaining a range of courses in a college in 2001,one
is academic courses, one is arts courses the last one is sports and health course, the group is 19-25/26-39/40
and above 40 academic 55%are the age of 19-25.The largest proportion of arts is the group about 40 and above
40. The sports and health course is the group at the age of 26-39 u should explain why the proportion should be
Some people believe th20:57 04-5-29at a country should have the moral obligation to help the other country and some of the people think that exist the misspending of the government and the aid money can not be get by the poor. What is your opinion?

Version 101
2002.9.21 新西兰
Task 1
Line graph shows the rise in population from 1990 to 2050 in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas
Task 2
strong tradition 对一个nation 有civilize 的作用do you think government should subsidizes the musicians,artists, actors or drama companies, do u agree or disagree, what should government do?

version 102
2002.8.7 英国2002.9.7 新西兰的威灵顿
分析DIFFERENT ENTERTAINMENT 的难的是时态有19701990 和2010 的

Version 103
2002.7.25 国外(2002.10.21)
Over past 50 years, young people gain status and power but old people have lost. What is the cause and is it a good development or bad development?