Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been having an eight-month affair with a married former television anchor behind his wife MacKenzie's back, a report claims.据报道,亚马逊总裁杰夫·贝索斯背着他的妻子麦肯齐,与一位已婚前电视节目主持人有染。 Bezos, 54, and Lauren Sanchez, 49, a helicopter pilot and former anchor, have been dating since June.自六月以来,54岁的贝索斯与49岁的直升机飞行员兼前电视节目主持人劳伦·桑切斯一直在交往。 A magazine claim Bezos met Sanchez for trysts as often as six times in two weeks, took her on holidays on his $65 million private jet.一份杂志称,贝索斯两个周内与桑切斯幽会过六次,他还带她一起搭乘他那架价值6500万美元的私人飞机去度假。 A source close to the Bezos said that the Amazon founder only began seeing Sanchez after separating from his wife - however a magazine claims the affair went on behind their spouses' backs.熟悉贝索斯的一位知情人士表示,亚马逊创始人贝索斯在与妻子分居之后才开始与桑切斯见面,然而一份杂志称,他们的交往是瞒着各自的配偶进行的。 Bezos released a statement revealing the split on his social media account yesterday. He and his wife described each other as 'cherished friends' and gave the impression it was amicable .昨天贝索斯用他的社交媒体账号发表了一份关于他与妻子离婚的声明。他和他的妻子称彼此为“挚亲好友”,给人一种他们是和平分手的感觉。 Sanchez is married to Hollywood talent mogul husband Patrick Whitesell, and sources say they 'separated this fall'.桑切斯的丈夫是好莱坞人才大亨帕特里克·怀特塞尔,有消息称他们“今年秋天分居了”。 Hours before word of Bezos and Sanchez's relationship became public, he announced that he was divorcing his novelist wife MacKenzie Bezos through a joint statement.在贝索斯和桑切斯的私情被曝光之前的几个小时,贝索斯与他的小说家妻子麦肯齐·贝索斯通过一份联合声明宣布了他们离婚的消息。 The couple claimed they had been going through a 'trial separation' in recent months.这对夫妇称,最近几个月他们正在“尝试分居”。 Bezos shared the announcement on his personal social media account on Wednesday, signed by both him and MacKenzie.星期三贝索斯通过他的个人社交媒体账户分享了这份由他和麦肯齐签字的声明。 'As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends,' the statement read.“我们的家人和好友都知道,经过了长期的爱情考察和试验性分居,我们决定离婚,继续以朋友的身份来参与彼此的生活。” 'If we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all again.'“即使我们知道我们25年之后会分开,我们依然会全部重来一次。” Jeff Bezos is worth close to $140 billion. The statement did not mention how the two will split that fortune, though experts believed that's already been hashed out.杰夫·贝索斯的身家近1400亿美元。该声明并未提及他们会如何分割财产,不过专家认为他们的财产分割问题已经解决了。 Much of that dollar amount comes from his 16 percent ownership stake in Amazon, which briefly became the second US-based company to reach a $1 trillion valuation in September, behind Apple in August.贝索斯的大部分身家来自他所持有的16%的亚马逊股份。亚马逊公司于9月份成为第二家市值达万亿美元的美国公司,仅次于在8月份市值达万亿美元的苹果公司。 The divorce should have no material impact on the company and its shares, said an analyst.一位分析师表示,贝索斯与妻子离婚应该不会对亚马逊公司及该公司的股票产生实质性影响。 (翻译:Dlacus)