Prince William took to the skies in an air ambulance again today - 17 months after he gave up work as a pilot himself.威廉王子今日借救护飞机重返天空,这也是他放弃飞行员工作十七个月来首次飞上天空。 The future king, who flew his last shift for East Anglian Air Ambulance in July 2017, was at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, East London, to mark the 30th anniversary of the London Air Ambulance service.未来的国王最后一次飞行是在2017年七月,为东安格利亚救护飞机工作,当时他在东伦敦的怀特查帕尔皇家伦敦医院,为了纪念伦敦救护飞机服务三十周年。 Across London, the Duchess of Cambridge is understood to be spending her 37th birthday at home in Kensington Palace, where she and William will later celebrate with their three children George, Charlotte and Louis. 伦敦的另一边,凯特王妃在肯辛顿宫家中度过了37岁生日,随后会和威廉及三个孩子乔治、夏洛特和路易斯庆祝。 To mark the LAA's anniversary today, the service's chief pilot, Neil Jeffers, 47, flew one of their MD 902 Explorer helicopters to Kensington Palace to collect the second in line to the throne.今天,为了庆祝伦敦救护飞机周年纪念,47岁的首席飞行员尼尔·杰夫驾驶着医院的MD 902 探索者前往肯辛顿宫接机威廉王子。 William, 36, then sat in the captain's seat and flew the aircraft back to the hospital, the first time, the prince said, he has flown since June. 36岁的威廉坐在机长的位置,把飞机开回医院,威廉说这是他六月以来首次飞行。 Mr Jeffers said afterwards: ‘Yes he sat in the captain's seat. He has flown this type of helicopter around four times before but it is not one he used regularly. I was very impressed, though. 杰夫随后说:“没错他坐在机长位置,以前这类直升机他开过四次,这是他不经常开的机型。我觉得他的飞行很棒。” (翻译:阿忙)