After a major build-up in which she promised to share a 'raw story' with fans, Kendall Jenner revealed on Sunday that she has signed a spokesperson deal with skincare brand Proactiv.肯达尔•詹娜允诺将与粉丝分享她 “未曾触碰的疼痛”,在大力渲染后,周天她揭示了自己同皮肤护理品牌高伦雅芙签订了代言合同这一现实。 The announcement came as a disappointment to fans who were expecting something bigger and more candid.这则宣告让粉丝们狠狠地扫了兴,因为他们本以为会是什么了不得的大事,或者说,至少不要这么不真诚。 And now, some are pointing out that Kendall may never have even used Proactiv before inking a deal with them, as she has not once mentioned their products in any of her numerous interviews about skincare or beauty.现在,一些人则指出,在签订合同前,肯达尔也许从没使用过高伦雅芙的产品。在她数不清的关于护肤、美容的采访中,她可一次都没提到过他们的产品。 Early in 2018, she wrote all about it online. 'I had such bad acne when I was younger; I remember it so well!' she said. 'I started having skin issues around the 8th or 9th grade.'2018年早些时候,她把这些都写在了网上。“我小一点的时候,粉刺问题非常严重,我还清楚地记得!”她说,“我从8年级或是9年级开始遇到皮肤问题。”  'I wouldn't even look at people when I talked to them. I felt like such an outcast; when I spoke, it was with my hand covering my face.'“跟其他人说话的时候,我甚至不敢看他们。我感觉自己是被排斥的。当我说话的时候,一定得拿手捂住脸。” Since her pubescent acne problems have been public knowledge for years, Kendall has also spoken quite a bit about how she's battled it, listing products and techniques she turns to — and not once has she mentioned Proactiv.几年来,肯达尔的青春期粉刺问题众所周知。她就战胜粉刺的方法也谈了不少,比如她用过的产品和技术。她可一次没有提到过高伦雅芙。 '100% Kendall Jenner never used Proactive,' one wrote online.“肯达尔•詹娜百分之百没有用过高伦雅芙。” 有人在网上这样写。 'Hi I'm kendall jenner, the highest paid model in the world, I didn't know this before but apparently I use proactiv now. ' snarked another.“大家好,我是肯达尔•詹娜,全球收入最高的模特。从前我不知道高伦雅芙,但是显然我现在在使用它呢。”另一个人嘲讽道。 Yet the lack of credibility in the claim that Kendall has been a steady Proactiv user isn't the only thing that set fans off.“肯达尔在声明中表示,自己一直在使用高伦雅芙。这显然站不住脚,但惹怒粉丝的还不止这一点。” Over the weekend, Kendall's momager Kris Jenner had promised that Kendall's mystery 'raw story' would help her young followers.整个周末,肯达尔的老妈经纪人克莉丝•詹纳都在造势——她承诺肯达尔神秘的“未曾触碰的疼痛”将会帮助到她的迷弟迷妹们。 Kris said: 'I'm so proud of my darling for being so brave and vulnerable.克莉丝说道:“我为我的宝贝骄傲,因为她是如此勇敢又让人疼惜。”  'Seeing you share your most raw story in order to make a positive impact for so many people is a testament to the incredible woman you've become.“为了给多数人带来正面的影响,你将你最不可触碰的疼痛分享出来。这证明你确实已经成长为一个非常棒的女性。” 'Make sure to watch Kendall on Sunday night to find out what I'm talking about and be prepared to be moved.'“周天晚请务必关注肯达尔,你会了解到我之前所说的是什么。准备好被感动吧。” Her comments sparked intense speculation over what Kendall could be revealing, with many suggesting it might be a battle with anxiety or depression.她的话激起了强烈的反响,大家都在猜测肯达尔会说些什么。有不少人认为,也许她将讲述她同焦虑症或抑郁症的抗争。 So when it was revealed that the whole thing was gearing up for an announcement of her brand sponsorship, fans were furious.所以在最终发现,这不过是一场为宣布其新代言的造势时,粉丝们怒了。 One fan wrote: 'You're joking me. This is the 'big announcement'? This is a pathetic cry for attention.'一位粉丝写到:“你在逗我。这算哪门子沉痛的分享?这只是为吸引眼球的可悲呐喊罢了。” Another added: 'Women are coming forward every day about being victims to rape, sexual assault, abuse etc and Kendall Jenner is gonna hype up and announce her problem with acne.'另一位粉丝写到:“每天都有女性勇敢地作为强奸案、性虐待、施暴的受害人挺身而出。而肯达尔•詹娜的大肆宣传,只为了分享她的粉刺烦恼。” (翻译:everaining)