Australian New Idea magazine infuriated royal fans after claiming the Prince of Wales, 70, has “had enough” and is consulting his divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton - the formidable solicitor who advised him during his first divorce from Princess Diana in 1996.澳大利亚《New Idea》杂志近期惹恼了英国王室粉。该杂志声称70岁的威尔士亲王已经“受够了”,正就离婚事宜咨询他的律师菲奥娜·沙克尔顿。1996年他与戴安娜王妃的初次离婚,当时也正是这名悍将在给他提供建议。 New Idea cites a “royal insider” as claiming the Royal Family is aware of the split, but the Queen has ordered the household to hold off from announcing the scandal. The wild claims have not been confirmed by Clarence House.《New Idea》杂志引用了一名“王室内部人士”的话,表明王室其实清楚他们的决裂,只是女王要求王室不可以让这起丑闻走漏风声。这则疯狂的声明暂未得到克拉伦斯王府的回应。 Camilla missed the Queen's pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace and the Christmas Day church service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, due to suffering a heavy cold.卡米拉错过了女王在白金汉宫的圣诞前午餐,以及在桑德灵厄姆的圣玛丽抹大拉教堂举行的圣诞节礼拜。因为她患了重感冒。 The royal source told the magazine: “While the whole world has been obsessed with Kate and Meghan's feud and William and Harry falling out, behind palace walls there's been a much bigger drama afoot.王室知情人告知该杂志:“整个世界还在兴致勃勃地围观凯特和梅根的不和、威廉和哈里的疏远,殊不知城墙背后更大的闹剧正在上演。” “They've already signed the papers and have barely seen each other in recent months, apart from Charles' 70th birthday event, which the Queen made Camilla attend to avoid speculation.“他们已经签署了协议,除了应女王要求,卡米拉前来参加了查尔斯的70岁生日宴会以避免外界揣测外,两人已数月未谋面。” “The palace reported that Camilla had a cold, which is why she missed the Queen's festive gathering, but Charles was telling everyone on the quiet that they're no longer together.”“王室对外宣称卡米拉因为感冒了,才错过女王的节日聚会。但查尔斯却悄悄告诉所有人,其实他们已经不在一块儿了。” Camilla, 71, also missed Princess Eugenie's wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October.71岁的卡米拉,同样也缺席了十月份欧根妮公主与杰克•布鲁克斯班克的婚礼。 At the time Clarence House said she had previous commitments to attend a local school harvest festival near her home.当时,克拉伦斯王府对于缺席的说法是,因为她早先应邀要去参加她家乡当地的一个学校收割节。 The magazine added that despite the Prince of Wales' apparent openness about the end of his marriage, the Queen is keen to keep the news under wraps.该杂志补充到,尽管威尔士亲王对其婚姻持明显的开放态度,女王却强烈要求暂不透露消息。 The insider said: “It's believed the Queen wants to hold off until Meghan's quarrel with Kate dies down before announcing Charles and Camilla's divorce. She just can't handle more scandal at the moment.”知情人称:“据说,女王是想等到梅根与凯特间的硝烟散去后,再宣布查尔斯和卡梅拉的离婚消息。她没办法在这个节骨眼儿上,再处理一桩丑闻。” The baseless claims come after Camilla praised her husband for a documentary celebrating Prince Charles' 70th birthday. She described the future king as a “kind” and “exceptional” man in the intimate documentary, which also showed Prince Charles buying gifts for Camilla during a royal tour.这则无依据的声明出现之前,卡梅拉刚刚才在查尔斯的70岁生日的纪实庆典上,赞扬了她的丈夫——在纪录片中,她称赞这位未来的国王是“友善的” 、“卓越的”人。记录片中也记录下了,一次王室巡游中,查尔斯给卡梅拉买礼物的情景。 Princess Diana had attributed the breakdown of her marriage to Prince Charles to his mistress, Camilla. She said: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”戴安娜王妃将其与查尔斯王子的婚姻失败归结于卡梅拉。她曾说:“我们的婚礼里有三个人,所以有点太拥挤了。” Charles' former girlfriend Jane Ward said: “Camilla was to him, a safe haven, someone he could talk to.”查尔斯的前任女朋友简•沃德则表示:“卡梅拉对于他而言,是个安全的港湾,是一个他可以说说话的人。” 翻译:everaining