Rihanna's cosmetics company Fenty Beauty has been highly praised following the announcement that it's going to be releasing 50 new shades of concealers on 11 January.公布将于1月11日发售50种新色号遮瑕产品的消息后,蕾哈娜的彩妆公司Fenty Beauty得到了高度赞誉。 Fenty has made a huge impression on the makeup industry ever since its launch in September 2017.自2017年9月成立以来,Fenty在化妆品产业中一鸣惊人。 The brand's first line included 40 different shades of foundation and more than 20 correcting “match stix” concealers, with the company promising that “women everywhere would be included”.品牌首发即包括40种不同色号粉底,及20多种“match stix”系列遮瑕产品。Fenty公司承诺“世界上所有女性都能用”。 Several makeup brands promptly followed suit, including Dior and Revlon, who released diverse ranges of foundation in May and June 2018 respectively.一些化妆品牌迅速效仿,如迪奥和露华浓,各自于2018年5月及6月发售了它们的多色号粉底。 Fenty Beauty is continuing to highlight the importance of inclusivity in cosmetics with its new comprehensive range of concealers.在继续强调化妆品包容性的同时,Fenty Beauty推出了它的全方位遮瑕新品。 The company gave consumers a first look of the concealers on social media. One of the photos displays the 50 concealers as makeup swatches on the arms of four models, all of whom have different skin tones.公司先在社交网络上,让消费者们一探究竟。其中一张照片展示的是四位肤色各异的模特,他们的胳膊上都涂抹了50种遮瑕产品。 Rihanna also released a makeup tutorial on YouTube, in which she demonstrates how to use the concealer.蕾哈娜也在油管上发布了一个化妆教程,其中就展示了如何使用这款遮瑕产品。 “Fenty Beauty to the rescue, we are making a brand new concealer,” she says in the video.“So as long as you know your foundation shade, we have a corresponding concealer to match.”“ Fenty Beauty是来拯救你们的,因为我们正在做一款全新的遮瑕产品,”她在视频中说,“所以只要你知道自己的粉底色号,我们就有可以配套的遮瑕。” After dabbing some concealer under her eyes, Rihanna then uses a brush to buff the concealer and blend it into her skin.“It's like magic。”在眼部下边轻抹遮瑕产品后,随后蕾哈娜用刷子将遮瑕涂匀、同她的皮肤完美融合。“就像魔法一样。” Many people have been expressing their excitement over purchasing a concealer when the range goes on sale in just over a week's time.距离发售还有一个多星期,很多人就兴奋地表示迫不及待想要买了。 “This shade range is insane and so beautiful wow u really did what most brands can't,” one person said.“色号范围太疯狂!而且美死了,其他品牌做不到的你真的做到啦。”一个人这样说到。 “I've been waiting for the concealer since she started Fenty Beauty I'm ready to drop all my money,” another person said.“从她成立Fenty Beauty那天起,我就在等待这样一款遮瑕神器。我已经准备好要砸钱了。”另一个人这样说。 Fenty Beauty's new range of concealers is going to be available to purchase from 11 January from fentybeauty.com, Sephora and Harvey Nichols.Fenty Beauty的新上市多色号遮瑕产品将于1月11日在Fenty Beauty官网、丝芙兰及夏菲尼高发售。 翻译:everaining