Pointe ballet shoes in colours that match Asian and black skin tones are being made for the first time in the UK.与亚洲肤色和黑人肤色相配的足尖芭蕾舞鞋在英国首次亮相。 For women of colour, practising ballet used to mean having to paint pointe shoes to match their skin tone, as the shoes were only available in variations of pale pink, cream or nude. The process called “pancaking,” involves applying foundation or powder to the shoes.对有色人种的女性来说,在过去练习芭蕾意味着要给足尖鞋涂上和自己肤色相配的颜色,因为这种鞋只有淡粉色、奶油色和裸色。这种过程被称为“煎饼”,就是在鞋子涂上粉底或粉末。 But now dancers won't have to spend time on the matching process - as dance shoe design and manufacturing company Freed of London has begun selling pointe shoes in bronze and brown in partnership with dance company Ballet Black.但现在,舞者们没必要花时间配色了,因为伦敦的舞鞋设计与制造公司Freed of London已经开始和舞鞋公司黑色芭蕾合作,开始销售古铜色和棕色的足尖鞋。 The release of the new colours, according to the Ballet Black website, comes after “over a year in development.”据黑色芭蕾网站称,新颜色的发布经过了“一年多的研发”。 “The Freed of London ethos has always been to develop shoes to meet the needs of each generation of dancer and these new colours continue to reflect this,” it reads.它写道,“Freed of London的公司理念就是不断开发新鞋子以满足每一代舞者的需求,这些新颜色就反映出这一点”。 And Ballet Black founder and artistic director Cassa Pancho called the release a “historic moment in British ballet history.黑人芭蕾舞的创始人和艺术总监卡萨·潘乔称这次发行是“英国芭蕾舞史上的历史性时刻”。 Although ballet shoes created for women of colour have been available in the US for more than a year, this is the first time they will be handmade in the UK.尽管为有色女性设计的芭蕾舞鞋在美国已经有一年多了,但这是它们首次在英国进行手工制作。 (翻译:球球)