Q: Lately I have struggled to get out of bed despite waking up a decent time to go to my lab (I'm a grad student), the end result being I fall asleep again and end up going in about 1–1.5 hours later than I really want to. How do I make myself actually get up when I wake up?提问:我最近需要拼死准点起床然后赶去我的实验室(我是个研究生),但是结果往往是我在起床后又会倒头睡下去,当我再次醒来时已经超过原定时间一到一个半小时了。我要怎么做才能在我起床时彻底清醒?   获得7.3k好评的答案 @Ayush Sekhari I sometimes use Sleep If U Can (Alarm) app on my android phone.我有时候会用一款名为Sleep If U Can的闹钟软件。 While setting the alarm, it asks you to choose how to turn it off. There is a option which says to turn off by using an image. While setting , you can set an image as the off key.当你在设定闹钟的时候,它会要求你要选择关闭闹钟的方法。其中一个选项是你要拍一张照片来关闭闹钟,你可以自己找张图片作为关闭图片。 Now when the alarm rings, it forces you to capture a similar image and turns off only if it is similar to the pre-set image.当闹钟响起来的时候,你必须拍一张和设定图片相似的照片才能让它停下来。 I have set my turn off image as the toilet basin, so when I have to turn off the alarm , I have to search for my slippers,walk to toilet and click the image of the basin. since, I live in a hostel having shared toilets, I have to leave my room to go to toilet and take the image. This is annoying but wakes me up.我把厕所水池设为了关闭图片,所以我为了关闹钟,就必须要穿上我的拖鞋,走进厕所然后对着水池拍照。因为我是跟别人合用一个厕所,所以我必须离开我的房间去厕所才能拍照。这种方法太讨厌了但是却很有效。   获得5k好评的答案 @Aditya Deorha I use Alarm Clock Plus★on my Android. I have to solve a maths problem in order to snooze or dismiss the alarm. Right now it is at medium difficulty, involving arithmetic between three two digit numbers.我用的是一款叫做Alarm Clock Plus★的安卓软件,为了让闹钟停下来我必须要解开一道数学题。我现在把它设定为中等难度,就是要解开一道三个两位数之间的计算题。 Once I set it to hard level. There were three three digit numbers having addition and subtraction between them. Had to literally rub my eyes and really concentrate to try and figure it out. You just can't sleep back after that.有一回我设定了最高难度,是要做三个三位数之间的加减运算。我当时真的是绞尽脑汁才把它解出来,在那以后怎么可能还睡得着呢。   获得260好评的答案 @Shivam Agrawal Flying Alarm我用的是一款会飞的闹钟。 This digital alarm clock launches a rotor into the air that flies around the room as the alarm sounds, hovering up to 9' in the air, and will not cease ringing until the rotor is returned to the alarm clock base, compelling even the most stubborn sleepers to get out of bed on time.这款电子闹钟有个螺旋桨,在闹钟响着的时候会盘旋而上满屋子乱飞,在回到闹钟底座之前它会一直响,这就逼着那些不起床的人准时爬出被窝。   获得3k好评的答案 @Ellen Vrana WE GOT CATS! Which is the working person's version of kids. The little buggers. I'm up at 6:30 now, every day. No alarm. So worth it.我们养了只猫!这小家伙对上班族来说就像自己的孩子一样,所以我现在天天早上六点半起床,不用闹钟,就因为我爱它。