It remains unclear exactly what Marvel Studios is planning to do with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.目前还不清楚漫威影业打算如何处理《银河护卫队3》。 Since writer-director James Gunn was fired by Disney this summer, the next installment in the space superhero series has seemingly run aground and a new rumor based on an issue of Production Weekly suggesting that production wouldn't begin for several years. 自从编剧兼导演詹姆斯·古恩今年夏天被迪士尼解雇,这部太空超级英雄系列电影的下一部似乎就搁浅了,而根据《制造周刊》的报道,又有新的传言称,这部电影要过几年才能开拍。 It's easy to see why Marvel might want to leave a third Guardians movie alone for a while; the series has been so identified with Gunn that any future installment will raise the specter of his dismissal.很容易理解为什么漫威会想暂时不去制作《银河护卫队3》;这个系列和古恩的关系如此密切,以至于下一部的任何布置都将引发对古恩被解雇的担忧。 The idea of simply abandoning the series altogether has almost certainly been discussed, although l considering how successful earlier installments have been, and how beloved the characters are.完全放弃这个系列的想法肯定已经被讨论过了,尽管已经考虑到之前的2部电影是多么的成功,以及这些角色是多么的受欢迎。 But what if there was some way for Marvel to continue the movie series without all the baggage of the Guardians brand?但如果漫威有办法在没有《银河护卫队》系列的所有包袱情况下继续拍摄这部电影呢? Even if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 never happens, seeds sown by the Gunn and the comic creators who came before him have ensured that there's (literally) a galaxy of potential to be mined for further exploration.即使《银河护卫队》第三卷永远不会出现,古恩和他之前的漫画创作者们播下的种子已经确保了有潜力的人物被挖掘出来进行进一步的探索。 (翻译:小半)