Meghan Markle is no longer the only one to get a happily-ever-after ending now that her ex-husband has tied the knot, DailyMailTV can reveal. 据外媒DailyMailTV报道,梅根·马克尔不再是唯一有幸福结局的人了,她的前夫刚刚也步入婚姻殿堂。 Trevor Engelson, who was married to the Duchess of Sussex for two years, wed nutritionist Tracey Kurland, 32, the daughter of a multi-millionaire banker in a low-key ceremony on Saturday night.  特里沃·恩格尔森和梅根有过两年的婚姻,周六晚,他和营养家特斯·卡兰德喜结连理。特斯今年32岁,是百万银行家的女儿,两人举办了一个低调的婚礼。 The wedding was held at a private home in exclusive Hidden Hills, California, the same affluent suburb of Los Angeles where Kim Kardashian and Kanye West live.婚礼在加利福尼亚一所私人住宅里举办,卡戴珊和侃爷也住在洛杉矶同一处富裕区。 Her parents, Stanford and Sheila, live in Hidden Hills but it was unclear if it was at their home. 特斯的父母都住在该地区,但是不确定婚礼是否在特斯家举办。 Stanford Kurland was the second-most senior executive at Countrywide, the mortgage lender, until 2006 when he left, selling $200 million in stock options. 特斯的父亲斯坦福·卡兰德是该地第二大高级执行官,也是抵押放贷者,截至2006年离职,共抛售股票价值2亿美元。 Two years later the company merged with Bank of America in the 2008 financial crisis, and was widely blamed for the toxic mortgage debts which set off the markets implosion.两年后,其父公司与美国银行在2008年金融危机中合并,大众一直在谴责该司的贷款有毒,引发市场崩溃。  Engelson, a film producer, 41, popped the question to Kurland in California's Napa Valley in June, two weeks after his ex-wife, 37, married Prince Harry, 34.特里沃·恩格尔森今年41岁,电影制作人,六月在加利福尼亚的纳帕谷地向特斯求婚,两周前,他的前妻才嫁给哈里王子。 (翻译:阿忙)