E: Is it empty? V: Not yet. Remind me why we volunteered for this event. I think the truth is overrated. A: _______(一句话听写,首字母大写,句末有标点)_________ E: Well, for what it's worth, I don't think Hanna did what she's accused of. It could very well just be someone trying to make her look bad. V: Why? To what end? E: I don't know. A: Maybe it's just me, but I feel like something's happened to our girls. I've tried to protect Hanna, but when she lost Alison... E: That's why we went overseas. It was just to give Aria something else to think about besides that. V: I don't think the moment was when they lost Alison. I think it was when they met Alison.[!--audio--]I could stand to hear some more.E: 没咖啡了么? V: 还有呢。提醒我我们自愿参加这项活动的初衷。真相是我们始料未及的。 A: 我还能再听一些。 E: 无论如何,我觉得那件事不是汉娜所为。很可能只是某个想让她颜面扫地的人干的。 V: 为什么?有什么目的? E: 我不知道。 A: 或许只是我的感觉,但我觉得我们的女儿遭遇了一些事。我曾试着保护汉娜,但当她失去艾莉森时…… E: 那正是我们搬去海外的原因。就是想转移艾瑞亚的注意力,别再想艾莉森的死。 V: 我觉得起因并非艾莉森的离去。她们与艾莉森相识造就了这一切。