Prince Harry should be made an ambassador to Washington as part of efforts to boost global Britain, a senior Tory has said.为了促进国际往来,哈里王子应该要成为英国驻华盛顿大使,一位保守党高层说。 Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said the royal would cut through to the American public.英国外交委员会主席Tom Tugendhat说,王室想要直接和美国大众打成一片。 And he called for the Government to have a fundamental rethink on how it uses people to boost the country's image after Brexit.他呼吁英国政府慎重考虑一下,脱欧后该如何用人才能提升国家形象。 He said that Harry - who got married to American actress Meghan Markle last year - would be the ideal candidate.他说,去年刚和美国演员梅根·马克尔结婚的哈里王子会是那个最佳人选。 'He does have an American wife, and he served alongside US forces."他的老婆是美国人,而且曾协助过美国军队。" Prince Harry spent ten years in the Army, rising to the rank of Captain and serving two tours in Afghanistan.哈里王子在军队中服役了十年,并成为了上尉,还曾两次前往阿富汗参战。 But his comments were met with an immediate backlash with critics warning that it would politicise the royals.但是他的观点立刻就遭到了强烈反对,并警告他这是变相让王室参政。 Sir Andrew Wood, the former British ambassador to Russia, told the magazine: 'I see no virtue for either Prince Harry or the government in sending him over.前英国驻俄国大使Andrew Wood先生告诉杂志,我看不到把哈里王子送去做驻美大使的任何益处。 'In fact, it risks politicizing him.'"实际上,这只会提高他政治化的风险。" Kensington Palace declined to comment.肯辛顿宫拒绝回应此事。 (翻译:山崎退)