Brooklyn Beckham has been accused of 'racism' after he posted photos of Asian tourists during his trip in Italy on Instagram, Chinese media has reported.据中国媒体报道,布鲁克林·贝克汉姆在Instagram上发布了他在意大利旅行时的拍的亚洲游客照片,随后他被指责“种族歧视”。 In his pictures under the caption 'no place like Italy innit', several Asian-looking visitors were sitting on a gondola in a canal while another photo shows an Asian-looking woman walking in a supermarket aisle.照片配的标题是“这里简直不像意大利”,几名看起来是亚洲人的游客正坐在运河里的平底船上,另一张照片里一名亚洲面孔的女性走在超市的过道上。 Many Chinese net users took offence to the 19-year-old's pictures, believing that the young Beckham implied that there might be some reason why Chinese tourists should not visit the European country.许多中国网友对19岁的贝克汉姆的照片很生气,认为年轻人贝克汉姆暗示了中国游客不应该去这个欧洲国家旅游的某种原因。 Net users took to Instagram and Weibo to criticise the youngster, who deleted the picture of the woman in the supermarket and changed his Instagram account to private apparently shortly after the incident, according to news site Sina.据新闻网站新浪报道,网友们在Instagram和微博上批评这位少年,事件发生后不久,他就删除了超市里这名女子的照片,并将自己的Instagram账号改为私密。 They also accused Brooklyn of taking and posting the photos without permission.他们还指责布鲁克林未经允许拍摄和发布照片。 'What should Italy look like? All White?'[/en]“意大利应该是什么样的?全是白人?” [en]'You think you're so subtle in your words,' commented user aivenven on the now-deleted Instagram post. 'I hope you'll never come to Asia. People in Asia don't like you anymore, you're just a white boy with no manners.'用户aivenven在Instagram上评论说:“你的话很微妙。我希望你永远不要来亚洲。亚洲人不再喜欢你了,你只是个没礼貌的白人男孩。” However, some say that people were too quick to jump to conclusions, while others said the people in the pictures aren't necessarily Chinese.然而,有人说人们太急于下结论,还有人说图片中的不一定是中国人。 (翻译:球球)