1. Pick a positive environment1.挑选积极的环境 The most talented people in any industry are in demand and have options where they want to work. A high-trust environment fosters what some call psychological safety, resulting in a more open and collaborative work culture.任何行业都需要最有天赋的人,他们能选择理想的工作地点。信任度高的工作环境能培养心理安全感,从而形成更开放合作的工作文化。   2. Demonstrate concern2.表现出关心 Trust operates on multiple levels: at a company level in terms of culture, at a team level in regard to the relationships among the members, and at an interpersonal level between two people. By showing you care about your colleagues, others will begin to trust and a relationship of mutual trust can build.信任有多个层面:就文化而言体现在公司层面,就员工关系而言体现在团队层面,两个人之间体现在人际关系层面。你关心同事,其他人就开始信任你,也就能建立起相互信任的关系。   3. Be self-revealing3.自我表露 Within limits, sharing a bit about who you are can be extremely helpful. Especially for leaders or managers, sharing a story about a time you may have failed and what you learned from it can build camaraderie and trust.在一定限度内让别人了解一点真实的你非常有好处。尤其对领导或管理者来说,分享一段你的失败经历和你学到的经验能帮你建立友谊和信任。   4. Strive for competency4.尽量胜任 Employees should strive to be seen as competent in their role. This means having the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities in his or her area. Employees should focus on their competence, values, and benevolence in order to build trust.员工应该争取胜任自己分内的工作。这意味着你要有该领域必要的知识、技能和能力。员工应该关注自己是否胜任、自身价值和善行,以便建立信任。   5. Manage expectations5.控制好期望值 Set realistic expectations and trust in the competence of others. Strive for clarity regarding what you expect from others and what they expect from you.你要设定符合实际的期待值,并且相信他人能做到。明确自己对他人的期待以及他人对你的期待。   6. Establish boundaries6.明确界限 To clarify boundaries, clearly define roles and responsibilities and be sure that people understand what they are responsible for.为了明确界限,你可以明确地定义角色和职责并确信人们明白自己的责任。   7. Set an example7.树立榜样 This means listen and consider others’ ideas with an open mind and be respectful of all employees. The leader has to serve as a role model. He or she has to be seen as credible.这意味着你要虚心地倾听并思考他人的想法并尊重所有员工。领导要以身作则,要可靠。   8. Understand the role of emailing8.明白电子邮件的作用 Even if a colleague is working hard, his e-mail correspondent doesn’t know it. If you work virtually, show up in person for key meetings as much as possible because visual cues are key for trust.即使一个同事工作努力,但和他靠电子邮件联系的人却不知情。如果你真的工作了,就尽可能多亲自出席重要会议,因为视觉接触是信任的关键。   (翻译:菲菲)