Lethal White, JK Rowling's fourth outing as Robert Galbraith, takes place in 2012, when Britain was basking in the glory of the Olympics and Paralympics .《致命白色》是JK·罗琳化名罗伯特·加尔布雷斯创作的第四部作品,书中的故事发生于2012年,英国尽享奥运会和残奥会的荣光之时。 Lethal White picks up where Career of Evil, the last Galbraith novel, ended.《致命白色》是以加尔布雷斯的上一部小说《罪恶生涯》的结局为起点的。 With this novel, Rowling begins to display signs of following a pattern – it was at the same point in her Harry Potter series that her novels became huge, and at 647 pages, huge is one word to describe Lethal White.罗琳的这部小说有遵循一种模式的迹象,而这种模式与她的小说《哈利波特》系列相仿,也就是小说都很长,这部小说有647页,故事很长是《致命白色》这部作品的一个形容词。 Another is bloated. The central murder of the novel doesn't occur until page 281, and up until then the book meanders between a myriad of side plots and details will come together.这部作品的另一个形容词是过度渲染了。其核心谋杀案直到281页才发生,直到那时小说才迂回曲折地讲起无数的次要情节和细节。 Rowling has always been good at details. But occasionally, Rowling stumbles into such gratuitous overwriting that one can't help but laugh.罗琳一直擅长细节描写。但她偶尔也会无缘无故地过多地描写一些令人忍不住发笑的情节。 Galbraith's novels have always been strongest when Robin and Strike are interacting, navigating their complicated feelings for each other while on a case. Unfortunately, for much of the novel they are kept apart.在加尔布雷斯的小说中,一直是罗宾和斯特莱克合作解决案件,确定彼此之间的复杂感情的时候最精彩。遗憾的是,在这部小说中,他们多数时候是分开的。 But once she and Strike are reunited, they become the Strike and Robin we love. It proves that it's the characters, not the mystery, that make the Galbraith novels worth reading.但是一旦她和斯特莱克重逢,他们又变成我们喜欢的斯特莱克和罗宾。这说明使加尔布雷斯的小说值得一读的是故事中的角色,而非神秘事件。 Lethal White is full of twists and turns, and when its many threads come together, it's exciting and engaging reading. But with a bit of editing, it could have been brilliant reading.《致命白色》的情节跌宕起伏,当众多线索汇聚在一起的时候,它既令人兴奋,又能引起读者阅读的兴趣。不过这部作品如果再稍加编辑一下的话,会更值得一读。 (翻译:Dlacus)