The final trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald has been revealed – and it offers a connection to Harry Potter that we never saw coming.《神奇动物在哪里2:格林德瓦的罪行》的最后预告片日前上线 - 其中提及的与哈利波特的联系是超出观众想象的。 The sequel is set for release next month and sees Eddie Redmayne returning as magizoologist Newt Scamander once more.这部电影续集定于下个月发布,我们将看到埃迪·雷德梅恩再次作为魔法师纽特·斯卡曼回归。 In the final trailer, he's seen trawling the streets of Paris as he explores the darkened side of Wizard society where sinister forces loom large. None larger, it seems, than Gellert Grindelwald – played by Johnny Depp.在最后的预告片中,他在巴黎的街道上徘徊并探索魔法世界的黑暗面,在那里邪恶势力正在急速增长。但这也似乎比不上由约翰尼·德普饰演的盖勒特·格林德瓦尔德的邪恶。 The clip sees Depp's villain makes a desperate bit for power as he appeals to wizards to join him in an attempt to take over the world. 在预告片的片段中我们看到德普扮演的的恶棍迫切需要权力,他呼吁魔法师们加入他以实现接管世界的计划。 But the biggest surprise comes towards the end – where the identity of Claudia Kim’s character is revealed as Nagini.但最大的惊喜在后面 - 克劳迪娅·金的角色身份被揭示为纳吉尼。 As all seasoned Potter fans know, Nagini eventually becomes Voldemort’s future companion – as well as an important Horcrux.正如所有经验丰富的哈利波特粉丝所知,纳吉尼最终成为伏地魔的未来伴侣 - 以及一个重要的魂器。 Fantastic Beasts 2 is set for release on November 16.《神奇动物在哪里2》将于11月16日上映。 In a glowing five star review, NME described the first film as “utterly delightful”.[/en在一个耀眼的五星评论中,《新音乐快递》将第一部电影描述为“令人愉快”。 [en]"In its unflinching approach to political and personal tragedy, grown-up it is”, NME wrote.《新音乐快递》写道:“电影在对政治和个人悲剧的坚定态度中,体现了成年人的本色。” “But in some ways J.K. Rowling’s script will also be more enchanting to your inner kid than the Potter films ever were.”“但在某些方面J.K.罗琳的剧本对你内心的孩子来说,比以前的哈利波特系列更加迷人。“ (翻译:Jen)