We've seen an abundance of bizarre fashion trends crop up of late.最近我们见多了千奇百怪的流行趋势。 From see-through trousers to high heeled Crocs it seems there's an odd outfit to be worn for every occasion. 从透视裤到高跟洞洞鞋,各种场合穿着的奇装异服层出不穷。 And the mastermind behind one of these quirky creations is back at it again, bringing us an overpriced accessory that could double as a way to clean the house.其中一个的奇怪创作背后的始作俑者又一次卷土重来,这次推出的商品价格高,还可以被认为是房屋清洁用品。 That's right, Christopher Kane , who turned Crocs into a must-have item last year, has now launched a pair of shoes made from what looks like a common kitchen sponge.是的,又是Christopher Kane,去年她让洞洞鞋成为必买清单,现在又设计了一双鞋,看起来就像是厨房的清洁海绵。 Made from black patent leather, the stilettos are decorated with strips of yellow and blue sponge.一双漆皮细高跟鞋上面装饰了黄色和蓝色的条状海绵。 The sponge is placed along where the toes would be, around the back of the heel and on the strap.海绵装饰在脚趾的位置,还有后脚跟的部位以及漆皮上。 Some of the designs also feature a dazzling diamonds around the front.还有一些鞋的上面装饰了令人眩目的钻石设计。 And they don't come cheap at an eye-watering £800 - almost double the price of the designer's regular slingbacks which cost £450.这双鞋售价不菲高达800英镑,比设计者之前普遍设计售价在450美金的露趾高跟鞋贵了近一倍。 The striking shoes made their debut at a runway show in 2017, but have since become incredibly popular with shoppers online, with several retailers reporting they have sold out of their stock.这双令人瞠目结舌的鞋子在2017年上秀场首次出现,然后在网上销售火爆,有一些零售商曾断货。 Tammy is deputy creative director at her brother's fashion label.塔米是其兄弟公司的创意副总监。 People on social media are bemused by the bizarre shoes, with several people comparing them to the popular cartoon character Sponge Bob Squarepants.在社交媒体上人们都被这双鞋逗乐了,还有人拿它和流行的卡通片《海绵宝宝》来作比较。 One person said: "Are the shoes made with sponges? Is this what happens when designers run out of ideas?"有一位留言者说:“这些鞋是用海绵做的么?这就是设计师江郎才尽以后的设计? Another commented: "The shoes are ugly without the sponges."还有评论:“就算没有海绵,这些鞋也很丑。” A fourth wrote: "They look like dish scrubs."第四条评论:“他们看起来就像刷碗的。” However some people were impressed by the footwear, calling it "fire".不过还有人对这些印象深刻,称之为“很火”。 "Tried them and fell in love with them. My greatest regret, NOT buying them," said one fan.“试穿过,非常喜欢,最大的后悔是没有入一双。”一位粉丝如是说 (翻译:林浔鸥)