Anita wants to buy some new drapes for the living room, and she wants John's help and opinion. They are in a drapery shop.
Anita: It shouldn't take long for us to choose the right ones, John.
John: Oh, shopping with you is always difficult, but it's OK.
Anita: Oh, here's a nice pair. Don't you think they look smart?
John: Yuk! They're too bright.
Anita: Well, here's a lighter shade. What do you think?
John: The shade is better, but there are too many flowers.
Anita: John, you know I like a floral design.
John: 听写整句,带标点 But it will be hard to match any flowers with our sofa, and I don't want to buy a new sofa to go with the curtains.go with 适合于;与…相配