Angelina Jolie has accused Brad Pitt of failing to support their kids financially amid the couple's long-running divorce. Jolie's lawyer claims Pitt, 54, hasn't paid 'meaningful' child support since the couple separated and now wants a court order forcing him to pay up.安吉丽娜•朱莉指控布拉德•皮特,在两人长期的离婚过程中,未在经济上履行抚养孩子的义务。朱莉的律师声称,54岁的皮特自和朱莉分开后,就未支付“有意义的”抚养费,现申请法律指令强制其全部付清。 Pitt's team are yet to formally respond. A Pitt source familiar with the situation hinted to that the actor would likely fight the allegations, commenting: 'Brad always fulfills his commitments'.皮特团队暂时未作正式回应。皮特方的知情者向《每日邮报》网站暗示,布拉德有可能将驳回指控,他评价到:“布拉德是一个信守承诺的人。” Jolie's net worth has been estimated at $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth and in 2014, she was ranked 74th highest-earning celebrity by Forbes. The same site puts Pitt's net worth at $240million.根据名人净资产榜单,朱莉资产净值达1.6亿美元;2014年,她列居福布斯名人收入榜第74位。名人净资产榜单显示,皮特的资产净值为2.4亿美元. Jolie is allegedly making the divorce negotiations and child custody battle very hostile and has been 'out for blood' ever since her September 2016 divorce filing. It came amid allegations that Pitt had been 'rough' with one of their children on a private plane. Pitt was investigated but cleared of all wrongdoing.自2016年9月朱莉提出离婚以来,据说,在离婚协商过程中及抚养权争夺战中,朱莉都表现得非常敌意,摆出一副“拿命来”的架势。她的指控中出现一点:在一架私人飞机上,皮特曾对他们其中一个孩子“举止粗暴”。就此皮特被调查,最后证实他无不法行为。 The duo's divorce has apparently ground to a halt over disagreements about how much time Pitt gets with their six children; Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, Vivienne, 10 and Knox, 10. The rest of the divorce proceedings -such as division of assets, are described as being at 'kind of at an impasse at this point'.离婚过程明显陷入停滞,原因在于二人就离婚后皮特探视六个孩子(马多克斯16岁,贝克斯14岁,萨阿拉13岁,夏伊洛12岁,维维恩,10岁,诺克斯,10岁)的时间问题产生了分歧。离婚程序的其他方面,如财产分割,被形容为“在此刻似乎陷入了僵局”。 According to UsWeekly, a major reason for the holdup is the Maleficent actress' resentment towards her World War Z star ex. 'She can't see past her anger for Brad that he is on his way to getting joint custody,' said the magazine.《美国八卦周刊•我们》报道,离婚陷入停滞的一个主要原因在于,《沉睡魔咒》女演员对其《僵尸世界大战》男主,也就是她的前夫的愤恨。“布拉德争取联合抚养权的这一举动,使她沉浸在对他的愤怒里,”该周刊提到。 A source connected to Pitt told TMZ that they believe Jolie wants 'to kill any relationship he has with his kids'. They also claim that there has been a lot of screaming on Jolie's part, adding, 'She's fueled with anger and has gotten ridiculously unreasonable.'皮特方消息者透露给TMZ网站:他们相信,朱莉是打算“斩断他与孩子们之间的关系”。他们还补充道,朱莉在整个过程中情绪失控,“她被愤怒点燃,变得不可理喻。” “It's become so bad that her lawyer Laura Wasser, who has represented many divorcing celebrities over the years, such as Ashton Kutcher during his split from Demi Moore, Heidi Klum and Seal as well as Mariah Carey amid her divorce from Nick Cannon, is apparently going to quit and has 'made it known' to Jolie because it's become too 'venomous'. ”“劳拉•瓦塞尔,这些年代理过不少名人离婚案,例如阿什顿•库彻和黛米•摩尔、海蒂•克鲁姆、席尔,以及玛丽亚•凯莉和尼克•卡农的离婚。这次作为朱莉律师的她,因朱莉的糟糕状态,已准备辞职并且告知了朱莉,原因在于这件事已变得过分恶毒。” TMZ claims the 43-year-old actress has already hired another law firm to take over.TMZ网站声称,43岁的朱莉已聘请另一律师事务所接手该案。 However Angelina's people have disputed that account.  'I've spoken directly to Laura,' Jolie's spokesperson told PEOPLE. 'The TMZ story is not true. She's not quitting now or in the future. '然而,安吉丽娜方对以上言论并不认同:“我跟劳拉面对面交流过,”朱莉的发言人对《人物》杂志说道,“TMZ的版本是不真实的。不论是现在或未来,她都没有辞职的打算。” Jolie is currently filming the sequel to Maleficent in London while Pitt films Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in LA.目前,朱莉正在伦敦拍摄《沉睡魔咒》续集,而皮特正在洛杉矶拍摄《好莱坞往事》。 (翻译:everaining)