Meghan's signature, which she left today in a guest book in Dublin, demonstrates her ability to 'charm the most stiff upper-lipped people'.梅根今天在都柏林在访客记录本上留下的签名显示出她能“吸引上嘴唇比较紧的人” The Duchess of Sussex left her swirling cursive in the visitor book at President Michael Higgins residence in Dublin on Wednesday alongside that of her husband's.周三,梅根和丈夫哈里一同前往都柏林,拜访总统迈克尔·希金斯(Michael Higgins)的住处,并在访客记录本上留下了潇洒的签名。 And her penmanship is demonstrative of the way the 36-year-old has negotiated  the well-to-do according to handwriting analyst Tracey Trussell.书法分析师特蕾西·特鲁塞尔(Tracey Trussell)说,梅根的字迹显示出今年36岁的她适应了王室身份。 The expert adds that the positioning of both Meghan and Harry's names on the page shows how the newly-minted royal is settling into her new role.特蕾西还说,梅根和哈里签名的位置也能体现出这位新晋王室成员正在逐渐习惯她的身份。 She continued:  'The spacing of the layout on the page is interesting because the last time this couple signed a visitors book (back in March 2018 in Belfast) it was clear that Meghan sought protection from her betrothed. “他俩的签名位置很有趣,上次两人共同在访客记录本上签名是2018年3月,在贝尔法斯特,可以看出当时梅根还是会从未婚夫哈里身上寻求安全感的。” 'In spite of huge personal self discipline, she tends to be a little apprehensive in the face of anything new. Now she's in 'The Firm', she's sending out a message that she's far from vulnerable. Meghan's telling us that she's a strong independent woman in her own right.'“面对新事物时,相比强大的自信,梅根更加焦虑一些。现在她很‘自信’了,她正在告诉世人梅根并不脆弱,她是一个强大自信的女人。” (翻译:阿忙)