must-have denim
the brainchild of Peter Corral, Michael Glassar and designer Jerome Dahan.
全文听写。 You might never have heard of them, but people in the know certainly have. I have three pairs already, this is my fourth pair. Not a dime spent on advertising yet, still, seven jeans are flying off the shelves. I own four pairs, and they fit really well. The fit, fans say, is the key to seven's success. Most people, I don't care what your figure is, look great in our jeans. It's the most amazing thing to me, it's, it's like a drug to these women. The must-have denim of the moment is the brainchild of Peter Corral, Michael Glassar and designer Jerome Dahan. The first thing when a girl she's gonna buy a pair of jeans, she's gonna try it on, she's gonna look at her back, she's gonna look at her front, she wants to look great. I think I know when they look great. Dahan is helping the company's bottom line look great as well. Seven hit stores about 18 months ago, racking up 12 million dollars in sales in the brand's first year. This year they are on track to book between 50 and 70 million dollars worth, and they can't make them fast enough. You know what? When we started this, this wasn't our plan, we didn't even aggressively go after it. Peter, yells at me for taking orders. I have to hide orders in my desk. You see, he yells at me. Too many orders.您也许还未听说过它们,但是那些追求时尚的人肯定听说过。 我已经有3条牛仔裤了,这是我的第4条。“7"牌虽然没有花一分钱广告费,但仍然销售一空。 我有4条牛仔裤,它们非常合身。喜欢"7"牌的人说,合身是"7"牌成功的秘诀。 绝大多数的人,不管你身材怎么样,穿上我们的牛仔裤效果都特棒。最令我惊奇的是,女人们好像都上了瘾。 这个让人欲罢不能的粗布杰作是彼得•克拉尔、迈克尔•格拉瑟和设计师杰罗姆•德汉的创作结晶。当一个女孩要买牛仔裤的时候,她必须试穿。她要从后面看,从前面看,她想要看上去很美。我想我知道她们穿起来很美的样子。 他还使公司的财务报表看起来很美。"7"牌在18个月之前进军市场,第一年就有1200万美元的销售额。今年他们已经有价值5000万至7000万美元的订单,他们都生产不过来了。 你知道吗?刚开始时,这并不是我们的计划,我们并没有采取主动攻势。彼得因为我接下订单,急得直跟我喊。我不得不把订单藏在桌子里。您瞧,他又在跟我喊了。订单实在太多了。