But while I'd been off having one of the best nights of my life, your uncle Marshall had been having one of the worst nights of his.

Marshall: So that's it? We're breaking up?
Lily: Marshall, I'm sorry. I just... I just need to go to San Francisco and do this art program and, and figure out who I am outside of us. And the only way that I can do that is if... if we don't talk for a while.
Marshall: For a while. Try never, okay? ___(填填看,一句话,首字母大写)___ You're never going to hear my voice again.
Marshall: I should call her.
Ted: No, No.
Marshall: Ted it is—
Ted: If you call her when she asked you not to. you're just going to look weak and you're going to regret it. Now, listen, whenever you feel like calling her, you come find me first. And I will punch you in the face.
Marshall: You're a good friend, Ted. You walk out that door, and we're done.we're done. 我们完了 (大家对应情景意会一下^^) 但当我度过了一生中最精彩的夜晚之后 你们的叔叔Marshall却度过了他人生中最糟糕的一晚 Marshall: 就这样了么?我们就这么分手了? Lily: Marshall 我很抱歉 我只是……我只是不得不去到旧金山去参加这个艺术项目 然后从我俩的关系中跳出来,好好看看我到底是谁。我能做的唯一的事情就是,如果……如果我们可以有一阵子相互不说话。 Marshall: 一阵子。不如说永远不说话 怎么样?你走出那扇门 我们俩就算彻底完了。你再也不会听到我的声音了 Marshall: 我应该打电话给她 Ted: 不 不要 Marshall: Ted 这是…… Ted: 如果她叫你别打电话给她。你却忍不住打了 这么做就是示弱。你会为此后悔的。现在 听好了 每次当你想打给她的时候。你先来找我,我会朝你脸上挥一拳。 Marshall: Ted 你真是我的好朋友