Remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at Asia Society in New York
February 13, 2009
New York

U.S. and Asia: Two Transatlantic and Transpacific Powers


全文听写。 And I've seen also the skyscrapers and factories, the urban corridors and high-tech campuses, the research facilities and modern hospitals, a continent where, now, more often than not, the rule of law and free elections have become or are in the process of becoming the norm, where entrepreneurship and innovation have transformed economies into global economic powers. Asia has influenced world civilization for millennia, as it has our own culture. Our nation is home to 13 million Asian American citizens, and our daily life is so enriched by Asian literature and art, by music and movies, by food and architecture, medicine and science, technology and values.我还看到了摩天大楼和工厂,城市开发走廊和高科技园区,研究设施和现代化医院;在这个大洲,如今法治和自由选举已经或者正在更成为常规,创业精神和发明创造已将很多经济体转变为全球经济重镇。 亚洲影响了几千年世界文明,也影响了我们的文化。我国是1300万亚裔美国公民的家园,我们的日常生活因亚洲文学和艺术、音乐和电影、食品和建筑、医学和科学、技术和价值观而变得丰富多彩。