TED演讲:什么是我与生俱有的(4/4)【TED】是一个会议的名称,它是英文technology, entertainment, design三个单词的首字母缩写。TED是社会各界精英交流的盛会,它鼓励各种创新思想的展示、碰撞。



headphone A sort of French version of this experiment was carried out in Dijon, France where researchers found that mothers who consumed food and drink flavored with licorice-flavored anise during pregnancy showed a preference for anise on their first day of life, and again, when they were tested later, on their fourth day of life. Babies whose mothers did not eat anise during pregnancy showed a reaction that translated roughly as "yuck." What this means is that fetuses are effectively being taught by their mothers about what is safe and good to eat. Fetuses are also being taught about the particular culture that they'll be joining through one of culture's most powerful expressions, which is food. They're being introduced to the characteristic flavors and spices of their culture's cuisine even before birth. Now it turns out that fetuses are learning even bigger lessons. But before I get to that, I want to address something that you may be wondering about. The notion of fetal learning may conjure up for you attempts to enrich the fetus -- like playing Mozart through headphones placed on a pregnant belly. But actually, the nine-month-long process of molding and shaping that goes on in the womb is a lot more visceral and consequential than that.法国也有一个类似的试验 是在法国第戎进行的 研究者发现 母亲在孕期摄取的食物和饮料 是甘草茴香味的话 婴儿从出生起 就偏好茴香味 其后第四天的测试中 也是这样 但是母亲没有在妊娠期食用茴香的婴儿 则表现出“恶心”的表情 也就是说 婴儿强烈地受到母亲影响 哪些食物是安全好吃的 婴儿也被教授 他们出生地的文化 文化的一个重要内容 就是食物 他们甚至在出生之前就尝试到这个文化的食物 具有的特定的 味道和香料 不过胎儿学习的东西还有更多的 首先 我想解释下你可能疑惑的地方 胎儿学习这个概念 可能会让你有胎教的想法- 就像把耳机放在大肚子上 放莫扎特 但是九个月的妊娠过程 子宫里的变化和发展 是更接近器官性的间接发生的一种关系