Her longtime on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber confirmed his engagement to girlfriend Hailey Baldwin on Monday.她交往多年分分合合的男友贾斯汀·比伯周一证实他已与女友海莉·鲍德温订婚。 But Selena Gomez looks carefree and gorgeous flaunting her taut abs in her latest Puma campaign.但塞雷娜·戈麦斯在她最新的Puma广告里展现着她紧绷的腹肌,看起来很轻松,状态也很好。 The 25-year-old beauty was all smiles in the shot that drew attention to her incredibly toned physique.这位25岁的美人在镜头中笑容满面,让人不由自主被她那难以置信的健美身材所吸引。 She showed off a luminous and radiant complexion that was complete with a sweep of blush and a red lip.一抹腮红和热烈红唇,让她展示出一种明亮耀眼的肤色。 Another shot saw Selena stun in a black and white striped pair of tights from the collection while she posed down on one knee.另一张照片中,赛琳娜身穿该系列的黑白条纹紧身连衣裤,单膝跪地。 Previously speaking about her ambassadorial role for the sneaker DEFY, the beauty said: 'To defy is to be brave’.之前谈及自己的DEFY代言人角色的时候,她说:“反抗就是勇敢。” 'Puma has captured this feeling perfectly with their new Defy training shoe. I remind myself daily the importance of defying the outside noise and being true to myself.’“彪马用他们的新款Defy训练鞋完美地捕捉到了这种感觉。我每天都提醒自己,挑战外界的噪音的重要性,要对自己诚实。” 'It's about pushing the envelope and not obeying any "expectations" placed on you by society.’“这关乎挑战极限,而不是服从社会对你的任何“期待”。” Selena's new campaign comes as her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber announced his engagement to model Hailey Baldwin on Monday - after dating for a few weeks.赛琳娜新广告和她的前男友贾斯汀·比伯与只约会了几周的模特海莉·鲍德温的订婚消息同时发布。 (翻译:球球)