The BBC has used 'smoke and mirrors' to avoid disclosing the salaries of dozens of highly paid stars on its latest rich list today, MPs said last night.英国国会议员昨晚表示,英国广播公司在其最新的富豪榜上使用了障眼法,避免披露数十名高收入明星的薪水。 Last year, it revealed which salary bands all staff paid more than £150,000 fell into, with the approximate wages of stars including Claudia Winkleman and Gary Lineker published for all to see.去年,该公司披露了所有支付了超过15万英镑薪资的员工,其中包括已向公众展示的包括克罗地亚·温克曼和加里·莱因克尔在内的明星的薪酬。 But today, the earnings of household names such as Strictly Come Dancing's Tess Daly and The One Show's Alex Jones could be hushed up because the programmes they present are produced by BBC Studios, the BBC's commercial arm.但是今天,像《舞动奇迹》的苔丝·达莉和《The One Show》的亚历克斯·琼斯这些家喻户晓的明星的收入可能被隐瞒了,因为他们主持的节目是由英国广播公司的商业部门BBC工作室制作的。 The BBC agreed with the Government to publish its top salaries annually. But it only includes stars paid directly by the licence fee.英国广播公司答应政府每年公布最高工资。但这只包括了许可使用费直接支付的明星。 This means a string of major celebrities, who are paid directly by production companies or the BBC's commercial arm, can be left out.这意味着,由制片公司或英国广播公司的商业部门直接支付薪水的这批名人,可能会被排除在外。 Last year's pay revelations have created a 'bloody nightmare', according to one star whose earnings are disclosed. The pay of top-earning male stars has been cut following widespread outrage after it emerged that just one of the BBC's top ten earners was a woman.据一位收入公开的明星透露,去年的薪酬丑闻造成了一场“血腥噩梦”。英国广播公司收入最高的10名员工中,只有一位是女性,这引起了广泛的愤怒。在此之后,收入最高的男明星的薪酬被削减。 The BBC said it had worked hard on equal pay, adding: 'People should wait to see what we publish tomorrow before jumping to conclusions.' 英国广播公司表示,他们一直在努力实现男女同工同酬,补充道:“人们应该等我们明天公布结果,再下结论。 (翻译:球球)