Footage taken from a street in Italy shows George Clooney was thrown several feet into the air when his motorbike collided with an oncoming car.从意大利的一条街上拍摄的视频显示,乔治·克鲁尼的摩托车与迎面而来的汽车相撞时,他被抛到了几英尺高的空中。 Clooney, 57, collided with a Mercedes on the Italian island of Sardinia about 7am on Tuesday, when it turned into his lane as he tried to ride past.周二早上7点左右,现年57岁的克鲁尼在意大利撒丁岛与一辆奔驰相撞,这个时候他准备换车道试图开过去。 Video taken from a fixed security camera, obtained by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, shows another rider managed to get around the car, but Clooney, believed to be riding nearby, was reportedly hit.意大利报纸《晚邮报》获得的一段从固定安全摄像头上拍摄的视频显示,另一名司机绕过了汽车,但在附近的克鲁尼被撞到了。 In the video, he is seen flipping over the handlebars of his bike, flying into the air, appearing to hit the windscreen of the car, before tumbling onto the asphalt.视频中,在摔倒在柏油路之前,摩托车的车把先翻转了过去,然后克鲁尼就飞向空中,似乎撞到了汽车的挡风玻璃上。 Fortunately the star was wearing a helmet and was driving slowly, but the windscreen of the Mercedes was badly smashed.幸运的是,这位明星戴着头盔,开得很并不快,但是奔驰车的挡风玻璃还是被撞得粉碎。 The driver of the vehicle is seen rushing to Clooney's aid, as are other witnesses. 这辆车的司机和其他目击者都冲向克鲁尼,救助他。 He was taken to John Paul II hospital in Olbia, but released after just a few hours.  他被送往奥比亚的约翰·保罗二世医院,但几小时后就出院了。 The actor had a CT scan, which showed no fractures, but he has reportedly suffered trauma to the pelvis, hip and knee which should take around 20 days to heal. 这位演员接受了CT扫描,没有骨折,但据报道他的骨盆、髋关节和膝盖受到了创伤,需要20天左右的时间才能痊愈。 The source also told MailOnline: 'The accident happened in a very tourist area, so at that time there was not much traffic.知情人士还告诉《每日邮报》:“事故发生在一个旅游景点,所以当时交通不太拥挤。” (翻译:小半)