The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were joined by long-standing friends and Kate's cousin this afternoon at St James's Palace after choosing old pals to act as godparents to Prince Louis.在选择了老朋友担任路易斯王子的教父或教母之后,剑桥公爵夫妇于今天下午与一众好友及凯特的表妹一起来到了圣詹姆斯宫殿(为小王子举行洗礼仪式)。 Kate and William asked a total of six people - three godfathers and three godmothers - to act as godparents to their youngest, all of whom are friends or family of Their Royal Highnesses.凯特和威廉邀请了六人(三位教父和三位教母)担任他们最小的儿子的教父或教母,他们都是凯特和威廉的朋友或皇室家族成员。 Guy Pelly, who is known for running celebrity nightclub in Chelsea, is a prominent name on the list.盖伊·派勒因在切尔西开了一家名人夜总会而知名,他是受邀名单上比较有名的一个人物。 Kate also enlisted old school friend Hannah Carter, as well as her cousin Lucy Middleton.凯特还邀请了旧时的校友汉娜·卡特以及她的表妹露西·米德尔顿。 Fellow Etonian Harry Aubrey-Fletcher as well as the wife of royal wedding speech-maker, James Meade - The Lady Laura Meade were given the nod too.威廉在伊顿公学的同学哈里·奥布里-弗莱彻以及威廉和凯特婚礼上的演讲人詹姆斯·米德的妻子劳拉·米德夫人也在受邀名单之列。 Prince William's old friend Nicholas van Cutsem was also chosen, although he wasn't spotted arriving at today's religious ceremony.威廉王子的老朋友尼古拉斯·凡卡特塞姆也被选为路易斯王子的教父,虽然他并没有参加今天的宗教(洗礼)仪式。 THE LADY LAURA MEADE劳拉·米德夫人 Lady Laura Meade is the wife of James Meade, another Old Etonian and fast friend of Wills', who was asked to make a speech at the royal wedding and is godfather to Louis' big sister, Princess Charlotte.劳拉·米德夫人是詹姆斯·米德的妻子,而詹姆斯是威廉另一位在伊顿公学的校友兼好朋友,他曾被邀请在威廉和凯特的婚礼上致辞,而且他还是路易斯的姐姐夏洛特公主的教父。 HARRY AUBREY-FLETCHER哈里·奥布里-弗莱彻 Prince Louis’ godfather Harry Aubrey-Fletcher is one of William's oldest friends, having attended both Ludgrove prep school and Eton with the Prince.路易斯王子的教父哈里·奥布里-弗莱彻是威廉的老朋友之一,他是威廉在勒德格罗夫预科学校和伊顿公学的校友。 GUY PELLY盖伊·派勒 Mr Pelly has been in part of Harry and William's inner circle since their teenage years.在哈里和威廉的少年时代,派勒先生就是他们的小圈子的一员。 He is known for running celebrity nightclub in Chelsea, South-West London, a favourite old haunt of Harry during his partying years.他因在伦敦西南部的切尔西开了一家名人夜总会而知名,这是哈里吃喝玩乐那几年最喜欢去的地方。 LUCY MIDDLETON露西·米德尔顿 Bristol graduate Lucy is the Duchess of Cambridge's cousin and works as a solicitor in London specialising in media litigation for Atkins Thomson.布里斯托大学毕业生露西是剑桥公爵夫人的表妹,她在伦敦阿特金斯·汤姆森公司担任与媒体相关的诉讼的法务官。 HANNAH CARTER汉娜·卡特 Hannah and Kate attended Marlborough College together, where they played on several of the same sports teams.汉娜和凯特是马尔伯勒学院的校友,当时她们一起参加了几个运动队。 NICHOLAS VAN CUTSEM尼古拉斯·凡卡特塞姆 Nicholas van Cutsem has been firm friends of the Prince of Wales and his sons for years.多年来,尼古拉斯·凡卡特塞姆一直是威尔士王子及他的儿子们的好朋友。 Nicholas serves with the Household Cavalry and led the escort accompanying the Prince’s Royal Wedding carriage.尼古拉斯是皇家骑兵团的一员,在威廉和凯特大婚的时候,他领导护送了他们的婚礼马车。 Also in attendance at today's event were the Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.来参加今天仪式的还有威尔士王子和康奈尔公爵夫人以及苏塞克斯公爵夫妇。 Noticeable absentees from the christening today were the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.值得注意的是,女王和爱丁堡公爵没有出席今天的洗礼仪式。 The Queen will be travelling back from Norfolk at the start of a busy week, which includes high-profile celebrations marking the centenary of the RAF on Tuesday and a visit by US president Donald Trump in Windsor on Friday.女王在这周之初将从诺福克赶回来并开始忙碌的一周。周二她要参加英国皇家空军百年纪念的盛大庆祝,周五她将在温莎城堡接待美国总统唐纳德·特朗普。 (翻译:Dlacus)