Justin Bieber is reportedly engaged.贾斯汀·比伯被曝订婚了。 TMZ reported that the Canadian superstar asked his on-off partner, the model Hailey Baldwin, to marry him in the Bahamas on Saturday.据TMZ报道,这位加拿大超级巨星周六在巴哈马请求他分分合合的女友——模特海莉·鲍德温嫁给他。 And she accepted.并且她答应了。 Confirmation of the engagement was yet to come from the couple themselves, though CNN said it had also verified it.虽然订婚的消息还没有得到这对情侣的证实,不过CNN说他们证实了这一消息。  “I've only had our wedding and future planned since I was like 9. @justinbieber” vented Brooklyn Sciford from Omaha, Nebraska.来自奥马内布拉斯加州的Brooklyn Sciford发文道:“自从我9岁的时候,我就计划好我的婚礼和未来了。@justinbieber” “Engaged?? Really???”Did she know ever word to every song? Did she buy purple clothes because he said it was his favorite color?? I did.”“订婚了? ?真的吗? ??她知道每首歌的歌词吗?她有因为他说紫色是他最喜欢的颜色,而买紫色的衣服吗?我就这么做了过。” “I'll be going into hibernation to cry for the rest of my life,” said Brianna Smith from Rushville, Indiana.来自印第安纳州拉什维尔的Brianna Smith说:“我将进入冬眠状态,哭一辈子。” The pair was introduced by Hailey Baldwin's father, the actor Stephen Baldwin, at the New York premier of Bieber's film Never Say Never in 2011 when she was 14 and Bieber 17.这对情侣相识于2011年比伯电影《永不言败》的纽约首映礼上,当时还是由海莉的父亲演员斯蒂芬·鲍德温介绍认识。那时候,海莉14岁,比伯17岁。 They had a short-lived relationship in 2016, after which Bieber reunited, it now seems temporarily, with the singer-actor Selena Gomez.2016年两人有一段短暂的恋情,之后,比伯就与歌手兼演员赛琳娜·戈麦斯复合,虽然现在看来,他们的这段恋情也是暂时的。 The couple's families sent the internet into overdrive over the weekend with nudge-nudge references on social media.上周末,这对情侣的家人在社交媒体上发布了推特,赤裸裸的暗示他们订婚的消息,引起了互联网的巨大争议。 “Proud is an understatement! Excited for the next chapter!,” posted Bieber’s father Jeremy on Instagram along with a photograph of his son at the beach bathed in a golden sunset.比伯的父亲杰瑞米在Instagram上发了一张比伯在沙滩上沐浴金色夕阳的照片,“用骄傲描述太过轻描淡写,为你人生的另一篇章而激动!” On Saturday, Bieber’s mother just tweeted “Love Love Love Love Love Love Love”.周六,比伯的母亲在推特上发了“爱爱爱爱爱爱爱”。 (翻译:小半)