A giant balloon depictingDonald Trump as an angry, orange baby will fly near Parliament during the US president's visit to the UK next week.一只把川普刻画成一个生气的橙色宝宝的巨大的气球,将会在下周川普访问英国的时候在英国国会上空放飞。 London mayor Sadiq Khan today granted permission for the 20ft (6metre) inflatable, dubbed 'Trump Baby'.今天,伦敦市长Sadiq Khan同意放飞这个20英寸(6米)高的“川普宝宝”。 It will fly above Parliament Square Gardens for two hours on the morning of Friday July 13.在7月13日周五上午,这只气球会在国会广场花园放飞整整2小时。 The stunt risks raising tensions around the visit as Mr Trump and Mr Khan have clashed repeatedly over terrorism and the Muslim community in London.川普和伦敦市长Khan两人本来在恐怖主义和穆斯林团体问题上就有分歧,此举更是加剧了两人剑拔弩张的紧张氛围。 Huge protests are expected in London for the first full day of Mr Trump's visit, which will begin next Thursday night when he flies in from the Nato summit in Brussels.下周四晚上,川普会从布鲁塞尔的北约峰会上出发坐飞机来到伦敦。川普访英的第一天,应该会有大量的抗议人群。 His three day trip is thought likely to include a dinner with business figures at Blenheim Palace, meeting the Queen at Windsor and talks with Theresa May at her country retreat in Chequers. Mr Trump is also thought to be keen to play golf at his courses in Scotland.川普三天的访问行程大概如下,在布莱尼姆宫和商界领袖用餐,在温莎堡会见女王,和特蕾莎梅在其位于契克斯庄园乡间别墅会谈。另外,川普还对他在苏格兰打高尔夫的行程心心念念。 The programme is being designed to ensure Mr Trump avoids London and the expected angry protests. He cancelled a trip last year for fear of demonstrations.川普的整个行程有意避开伦敦和愤怒的抗议人群。去年就是因为害怕抗议游行而不得不取消行程。 The group behind the balloon have raised £17,000 through a crowdfunding website to pay for the huge balloon and take it on a 'world tour'.制作气球的背后团队通过众筹网站筹得17000英镑,让这个巨型气球来一次环球旅行。 The group stated: 'If we can troll Donald from the skies wherever he goes for long enough, he'll start seeing "TrumpBaby" in his dreams.'这个团队称:“无论川普去哪里这个川普气球就会在哪里的上空如影随形,他就会连做梦也看到这个“川普宝宝”。 (翻译:林浔鸥)