The health benefits of coffee are regularly disputed but a new study has provided some good news for caffeine lovers.咖啡对于健康的好处通常都会受到争议,不过一项最新研究给咖啡爱好者带来了好消息。 Researchers from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health have found that drinking coffee is associated with a lower risk of early death.来自国立癌症研究所和国立卫生研究院的研究者发现,喝咖啡能降低早死的风险。 In fact, they revealed that drinking up to seven cups every day - twice the amount of caffeine recommended by the UK Food Standards Agency – could cut death rates by 16 per cent.事实上,如果每天喝7杯咖啡,也就是超过英国食品标准署推荐标准的两倍,早死的风险能降低16%。 For the study, the team used data from the UK Biobank, through which 500,000 UK adults aged between 38 and 73 completed health questionnaires, underwent physical examinations and provided biological samples.为了这项研究,研究小组采用了英国生物样本库的数据,有50万年龄在38至73岁的英国人完成了健康调查问卷,进行了生理测试,并提供了样本。 The researchers asked each person about their smoking and drinking habits, as well as their coffee consumption, including how many cups they drank a day and the type: decaffeinated, ground or instant.研究人员询问了每个测试者的吸烟、喝酒还有咖啡的消费习惯。其中包括每天喝几杯咖啡以及咖啡的类型:低咖啡因、咖啡粉,还是速溶咖啡。 During the 10-year follow-up period, around 14,200 participants died, however, the researchers found that those with a higher level of coffee intake lived for longer.在为期10年的跟踪调查中,有1万4千2百人死亡,不过研究人员发现,喝咖啡较多的人活的更久。 The study found that participants who drank eight cups or more per day saw their death rates cut by 14 per cent, while this increased to 16 per cent among those who drank six to seven cups.研究人员发现一天喝8杯或者更多他们早死概率减少14%,如果一天喝6杯到7杯这个概率能有16%。 Two to five cups reduced early death rates by 12 per cent, while one cup or less than one cup per day resulted in eight and six per cent, respectively.每天喝2-5杯咖啡早死概率减少12%,每天和一杯或者少于一杯的概率分别在8%和6%。 The researchers from Heinrich-Heine-University and the IUF-Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany, revealed that consuming four cups of coffee a day could help protect cardiovascular cells from damage and even help them repair.来自德国海因里希·海涅大学和莱布尼茨研究所杜塞尔多夫的研究人员,环境医药的研究人员,发现一天喝4杯咖啡能够帮助心血管细胞免受损害,甚至还能帮助修复病情。 (翻译:林浔鸥)