Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox users may have had their entire online history siphoned and stored by third-party developers.谷歌浏览器和火狐浏览器用户的所有在线历史纪录可能都被第三方开发商窃取并储存下来。 A prominent security researcher found a popular plugin for the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox was recording everything users did online.一位著名的安全研究员发现谷歌浏览器和火狐浏览器的一个常用插件纪录了用户的所有浏览历史。 The software, which is designed to allow users to customise the appearance of how webpages appear inside the web browsers, has been hijacked by spyware.该软件使用户可以定制浏览器中网页的呈现方式,但它却被间谍软件操纵了。 The extension, which has more than 1.8 million users worldwide, may have been recording the browsing history of everyone who uses it.该插件在全球有180多万名用户,(如今)它可能纪录了每位用户的浏览历史。 Worse still, this browsing data could be linked to details that make users identifiable in the real world, making them vulnerable to hackers and blackmailers.更严重的是,这些浏览数据可能会连接到某些信息,从而确认用户的真实身份,而这会使他们很容易受到黑客和勒索者们的伤害。 The finding was made by Robert Theaton, a software engineer from San Francisco, who discovered the software, dubbed Stylish, had been recording browser history since January 2017, when it was bought by new owners SimilarWeb.旧金山的一位软件工程师罗伯特·希顿发现了这一事实,他注意到一个被称为“Stylish”的软件自从2007年1月被新的所有者SimilarWeb(一款市场竞争分析工具)收购后,就一直在纪录用户的浏览历史。 This allows its new owner, SimilarWeb, to connect an individual with all of their online activity.这使得其新的所有者SimilarWeb可以通过用户所有的线上活动纪录连接用户。 Those who have created a Stylish account on will have a unique identifier that can easily be linked to a login cookie and text files intended to help users access a website faster and more efficiently.在“”网站上创建过Stylish账户的人将拥有一个独一无二的识别码,这很容易与那些登陆识别码和文本文档相连接,而这些登陆识别码和文本文档是用来帮助用户更快地访问一个网站的。 This means that not only does SimilarWeb own a copy of any user's complete browsing histories, they also own enough other data to theoretically tie these histories to email addresses and real-world identities.这意味着SimilarWeb不仅拥有所有用户完整的浏览历史,他们还拥有足够多的其他数据,使其从理论上把这些浏览历史与用户的电子邮件地址及真实身份联系在一起。 (翻译:Dlacus)