The Duchess of Sussex's entire polo outfit has sold out - just two days after she watched it to watch her husband play over the weekend.苏塞克斯公爵夫人穿polo衫去观看丈夫周末的比赛。就在两天之后,同款服装已经售罄 Meghan, 36, wore the low-key ensemble - consisting of a sleeveless shirt dress, Panama hat and leather sandals - to cheer Harry on in the Audi Polo Challenge in Ascot, Berkshire on Saturday.周六,在伯克郡爱斯科举行的奥迪马球挑战赛上,36岁的梅根来为哈里王子加油,她身穿一件无袖T恤裙,戴着一顶巴拿马草帽和脚蹬一双皮凉鞋,看起来相当低调。 And fans are desperate to emulate Meghan's off-duty look have caused a shopping frenzy, with her £299 dress from trendy NYC label Shoshanna selling out online within two days.粉丝们都迫不及待地去模仿梅根的私服穿搭,从而引起了一次购物狂潮。而这件纽约时尚品牌Shoshanna的连衣裙,售价299英镑,仅仅在两天内就在网上脱销了。   It is currently unavailable on both Amazon and Shopbop with stockists admitting they don't know when it will be back in stock.目前,这条连衣裙在亚马逊和Shopbop都无法买到,零售商也表示并不知道什么时候才会恢复库存。 And it's not just Meghan's frock that has flown off shelves, with her straw hat and shoes selling out too.另外,不仅仅是梅根的同款连衣裙脱销,同款草帽和鞋子也售罄了。 The £47 Madewell x Biltmore Panama hat has proved so popular it is listed as out of stock, while Meghan's Sarah Flint sandals are only available in a size 35 (UK 2.5).Madewell x Biltmore巴拿马草帽,售价47英镑,非常受欢迎,现在已经是脱销商品了。而梅根同款Sarah Flint 凉鞋现在也只有35码(英国尺码2.5)的了。 It's not the first time Meghan's outfit has sparked a shopping frenzy; she caused a stylish beige coat to temporarily sell out in March, with the newly-married Duchess boosting sales of shoes, handbags and dresses since her betrothal to Harry was first announced.这已经不是梅根服装第一次引发购物狂潮了;今年3月,她穿的一款时髦的米色外套,就销售一空。自从她与哈里王子的订婚消息首次公布以来,这位新婚的公爵夫人大大地推动了鞋子、手袋和连衣裙的销售。 And proving that she is well on her way to becoming the nation's new style queen, a £425 crossbody bag she wore in Edinburgh earlier this year also sold out in record time.今年早些时候。她在爱丁堡背的425英镑的crossbody袋,在最短时间内销售一空。这都证明了,她正成为英国的新一位时尚女王。 (翻译:小半)