Losing weight is tough. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work and discipline to stay on track, especially with temptations all around. However it doesn't have to be nothing but rice cakes and misery. By tweaking your meals with some smart choices and a little advance preparation, you can avoid hundreds of hidden calories and finally lose that stubborn excess weight that seems to hang on in there, even though you are doing everything else right.减肥是个苦差事,需要你投入许多专注力、体力和克制力才能坚持下去。尤其世界上到处都是诱惑,就更加难上加难。不过,减肥并不意味着你只能吃寡淡的低热量食物,过悲催的日子。只需调整一下你的日常饮食,做些聪明的选择,事先做些准备,你就能避开几百大卡的隐藏热量,把身上那些顽固的小肉肉彻底粉碎,同时还能愉快的正常生活哟。 Nutrition guru and blogger Amanda Meixner has built a huge social media following on these smart choices. 营养学大师,美食博主Amanda Meixner在社交网上介绍了一些机智的食物选择法,积攒了一大群粉丝。 “Small tweaks add up!” She writes. “These swaps will not only save your waistline but also your health.” Because we make several food choices each day, Amanda encourages a thoughtful and organised approach. Instead of chips, go for popcorn for a salty snack. Drink black coffee instead of sugar-laden lattes. Dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Prepare meals in advance, so you don't end up snacking on the go because you have nothing else. All pretty basic stuff really. Scroll down to check them out for yourself below, and let us know what you think in the comments!“做一些小小的替换,就会产生大大的效果!”她在社交网上写道。“做这样的替换,不仅能拯救你的马甲线,而且有益健康。”关于食物,我们每天都会数次面临选择, Amanda 鼓励网友们深思熟虑,前后计划再做出选择。如果你想吃咸味的零食,不要吃薯条,选择咸味的爆米花。喝咖啡,不要喝加了太多糖的拿铁。吃黑巧克力,而不是牛奶巧克力。提前把饭准备好,这样你就不会不知不觉中吃了过多的零食了。其实这些都是很基本的小知识。往下翻,自己看看这些小技巧吧,在评论里让我们知道你的想法。   1 Here Are Some More Healthy Substitutes To Add To Your Routine在你的一日饮食里加入这些更健康的替代品吧!   2 Love To Make Smart Food Choices做一些聪明的食物选择,真不错!   3 590 Cals Vs 590 Cals同样是590卡路里   4 Starting A New Diet Like像这样开始新的节食计划   5 "I’ll Take Any Excuse To Eat More Chocolate"“为了能多吃点巧克力,我愿意想出任何借口”   6 Because Feeling Good Also Means Treating Yourself To The Food That You Want如果你心情很棒,说明你选择的食物正是你想要的   7 These Swaps Will Not Only Save Your Waistline But Also Your Health这种食物替换术不仅能拯救你的马甲线,还有利健康哟   8 Which One Would You Choose? The Calories And Macros Only Paint A Part Of The Picture. Really The Hidden Ingredients And Chemicals Are The True Bad Guys In This Situation你选择哪一种?热量只是问题的一部分。讲真,食物里隐藏的成分和化学制剂才是真正的幕后黑手   9.Some Healthy Swaps To Add To Your Nutrition Routine 在你的一日饮食里用用这种有益健康的替换术吧   10.White Rice Vs. Brown Rice精米与糙米   11. This Easy Snack Hack简单的健康零食小技巧   12. “I Regret Eating Clean.” - Said No One Ever从不会有人说“我后悔自己吃的全是无添加的食物!”   13 A Healthy Lifestyle健康的生活方式   14 The Real Question Is How Do You Want To Feel? 真正的问题在于,你希望获得怎样的感受?   15 While Bullet Proof Coffee Is A Fine Choice To Have In Your Nutrition Routine, You Definitely Can’t Count That Concoction As Calorie Free原汁原味的咖啡是不错的选择,应该放入你的一日饮食清单中,但你肯定不能把那些咖啡调味料当成毫无热量的东西   16 If You’re Trying To Improve Your Health, Small Changes Definitely Make A Difference Over Time如果你想要改善自己的健康状况,只要做出一些小小的改变,假以时日,就会有大大的成果哟   17 Did You Know Sugar Has Been Shown To Be More Addictive Than Cocaine? And When You Try To Kick Your Processed Sugar Habit, You’ll Actually Experience Dopamine Depletion And Sugar Withdrawals你知道吗,科学研究已经发现,糖比可卡因更容易致瘾。当你开始对加工食品糖截瘾时,你的身体会真切的感受多巴胺枯竭和糖粉缺乏的过程   18 Starbucks Swap星巴克里的饮品替换术   19 Sugar Vs. Sugar糖份与糖份   20 Want To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories? Here Are Some Easy Swaps To Help You Head In That Direction..如何在不计算卡路里的情况下减肥?下面这些简单的交换术或许能助你一臂之力   (翻译:小木)