Commuters on Merseyrail are to be offered ice-lollies and chilled water by way of apology for disruption attributed to the heatwave.因为热浪的影响,摩西铁路运营公司的部分列车被中断,为了表示歉意,该公司打算为乘客提供冰棒和冰水。 Trains in the Liverpool area are among many to have suffered cancellations and disruption as a result of buckled rails, as well as the deployment of many trains to operate a shuttle between Central and Liverpool South Parkway while Lime Street station is being refurbished.因铁轨受热弯曲,且为了在中央车站和利物浦南路车站之间开通一班列车而对多班列车进行重新部署,以及对莱姆街车站进行翻修等原因,利物浦地区的多数列车都被取消或中断了。 Merseyrail's managing director, Andy Heath, said: “We are doing everything we can to keep services running.摩西铁路运营公司的管理总监安迪·希斯表示:“我们正竭尽所能使我们的服务正常运行。 “My team will be handing out free lolly ices and water between Kirkdale station and Ormskirk and Kirkby stations this evening as a gesture of apology to our passengers.”“今晚我的团队将在科克代尔车站、奥姆斯柯克车站以及柯克比车站免费为乘客派送冰棒和冰水以示歉意。” A week ago Network Rail imposed speed limits on some lines because of fears of the continuous welded rails buckling. While the maximum heat in the shade is around 30C, a combination of sunlight and energy generated by trains means the steel rails can reach temperatures approaching 50C.一个星期之前,网络铁路运营公司给部分线路设定了最高速度限制,因为他们担心焊接的铁轨会不断弯曲。虽然阴凉处铁轨的最高温度约为30摄氏度,但太阳和火车产生的热量结合在一起意味着钢轨的温度可能会达到50摄氏度。 The rail infrastructure is designed with a wide tolerance to changes in temperature, maintaining the correct track tension during a long and intense heatwave is difficult.铁路的基础设施被设计为可以承受温度的变化,但在长期强烈的热浪中维持合适的张力很困难。 The speed limits have been imposed as a precaution against derailment .实行速度限制是应对脱轨问题的一项预防措施。 (翻译:Dlacus)