Being royal comes with a lot of rules and obligations. On the upside, the job also comes with a pretty incredible wardrobe.王室成员有着许多规则和义务。从好的方面来看,这份工作也有着一个非常不可思议的衣橱。 Members of the royal family aren't expected to pay for the clothes they wear to official royal engagements.王室成员不用为王室官方活动上所穿的衣服买单。 Prince Charles picks up the tab for the clothes Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and, now, Meghan Markle, wear to official events—and that budget has skyrocketed since Harry and Meghan got engaged.查尔斯王子为威廉王子、凯特·米德尔顿、哈里王子出席活动所穿的衣服买单,现在要加上梅根·马克尔——哈里和梅根订婚后,这项预算飙升。 Last year, Prince Charles spent £4.96 million (about $6.5 million) on William, Harry, and Kate's activities, compared to £3.52 million ($4.6 million) the year before, according to The Telegraph.据《电讯报》的报道,去年查尔斯王子就威廉、哈里和凯特的活动花费了496万英镑(约650万美元),而前年,这一数字为352万英镑(约合460万美元)。 That's an increase of £1.43 million ($1.88 million) since Meghan Markle came on the scene.梅根·马克尔出现之后,这一数字增加了1.43万英镑(合188万美元)。 Don't blame the change on Meghan though.不过不要把这一变化归咎于梅根。 First of all, the royal family famously did not start picking up the tab for her clothing until Harry put a ring on it on May 19.首先,5月19日哈里为她戴上戒指之后,王室才开始为她的衣服买单。 Meghan Markle reportedly spent almost $30,000 of her own money on clothing for royal events through March 2017.据报道,梅根·马克尔在2017年3月这一个月时间内,花了近3万美元购买了王室活动所穿的服装。 Even if the reports of Meghan paying for her own pre-wedding wardrobe weren't true, blaming the increase on the newest royal in-law would still be unfair.即使梅根为自己婚前的衣服付费的报道不是真的,但把增加的钱归咎于这位刚刚加入王室的姻亲仍然是不公平的。 The main cause for the increase is simple: Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton have been taking on more and more royal duties in the past year as Queen Elizabeth II cuts back.造成增长的主要原因很简单:在过去的一年里,随着女王伊丽莎白二世精力日渐不济,威廉王子、哈里王子和凯特·米德尔顿履行了越来越多的王室职责。 More royal appearances means more clothes to wear during royal appearances, which means more money spent on clothes.更多的王室亮相意味着亮相时穿更多的衣服,这也意味着更多花在衣服上的钱。 (翻译:球球)