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B: You know how torturous it is for me to find shiny things that aren't intended for me?
C: It's just a worthless trinket some woman left by my father's grave.
B: [---1---]
C: One of his concubines had his name tattooed on her ass. I have more important things to do than search
for another member of the female Bart Bass fan club.
C: I assume you're referring to my lunch to discuss Parisian hotel possibilities with Henri Duris.
B: Who my research also tells me is the rumored president of table elitaire. Just imagining my life as a member of the most exclusive secret society makes me tingle.
C: Well while I find that incredibly arousing. You know I can't promise anything but an introduction.
B:[---3---] And you aren't even the least bit curious about someone who wears your father around her neck? Like helping me achieve the college experience I so greatly deserve? All I need to know is that the most persuasive and powerful man I've ever met is on my side.B:你知道看到这些不是给我的 闪亮东西出现在我面前有多折磨 C:这只是某个女人在我父亲坟前 留下的不值钱的项链 B:你难道就不好奇这个 把你老爸挂在脖子上的女人是谁吗 C:他的一个小妾曾把他的名字纹在了屁股上 比起找一个为巴特·巴斯女性俱乐部的成员 我还有更重要的事要做 B:比如帮我实现我应有的 美好大学生活体验吗 C:我就当你指的是 在午餐时和亨利·杜里 探讨开巴黎酒店的可能性这件事吧 B:我可听说了 他是传闻中的权贵会所的会长 单是想象一下我成为 绝密组织的一员的样子我就兴奋不已 C:我知道那很激动人心 但我只能帮你引荐 B:我只知道 世界上最有说服力最有能力的男人 总是支持我的